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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: G],   pp. 260-261 PDF (543.7 KB)

Page 261

             WM, ARTIWATERTOWN, WIS.I 
       GER         LAKE MILLs] 261 [DIRECTORY         GUN    , 
       Gericke Viola Miss, milliner, h. Lake. 
 6     Gericke Walter, saloon, w. s. Main 9 n. Lake, h. same.  IM 
 .     Gerstner Emma, domestic Madison. 
 3     Gestner William, lab. h. Prospect.                   :   - 
       Gestner William Jr. lab. h. Prospect. 
  D    Giesehen Herman Rev. pastor St. Paul Ger. Luth. Church, h. 0 
  I-   Church. 
  m.. Glassel Anton, baker, h. Madison. 
3i 1   Glassel Carl J. meat mkt. s. s. Lake 5 e. Main, h. Lake.       - 
      Goehmer Charles, h. College. 
 10    Graf Herman, lab. h. Madison. 
       Graf Lena Mrs. dressmkr. h. Madison. 
       Graf Otto, mason, h. w. s. Main 9 n. Lake. 
       Green George, elk. h. Lake Shore Drive. 
 CC   Greenwood Arthur W. cash. Greenwood's State Bank, h. Lake     * 
        Shore Drive. 
 a    Greenwood Charles F. pres. Greenwood's State Bank, h. Mul- 
 C      berry. 
 C&D  Greenwood Charles S. lawyer, w. s. Main 2 n. Lake, h. Mulberry
 -    Greenwood George E. asst. cashier Greenwood's State Bank, h.    - 
 =    Greenwood John T. storage, w. s. Main 8 s. Lake, h. Oak. 
 1    Greenwood Robert C. student, h. Lake Shore Drive. 
 C=   GREENWOOD'S STATE BANK, C. F. Greenwood, pres; A.            - 
 &      W. Greenwood, cashier; G. E. Greenwood, asst. cashier; 0. A.
 021    Wodke, 2d asst. cashier, w. s. Main 2 n. Lake.          E, 
      GRISWOLD FRED M. postmaster, h. Mulberry cor. Washing-       M 
 t      ton. 
      Gross Adele Miss, teacher, h. Church. 
      Gross Clementine, teacher, h. Church. 
    SGross Gustav, molder, h. Oak. 
  __, Gross Gustave, h. Church. 
- a Gross Schuyler, drug elk. h. Church. 
U.1   Groth Carl, carp. h. Prospect.oa 
      Grundeland Lassie, printer, h. Schultz Cottage.          rr 
l- A  Grunow Ernest, lab. h. S. Main.                              W 
*     Grunow Fred, lab. h. S. Main.C   r 
  c   Grunow George, elk. h. S. Main. 
      Gunning Robert, farm implts. w. s. Main 6 s. Lake. 
                                 Irnte  a SUITOf OVERCOAT you want 
                                 picking* of the beat guarantfarm  mtw Mn
                                 manufa.turers .o the United Sfta.t at 
                                 107 MAIN STREET, WATrRTOWN, WIS. 

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