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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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[Wright's Jefferson directory: C],   pp. 218-219 PDF (571.2 KB)

Page 218

      Otto Biifeld & Co. STEAM AND HOT 
      200-208 N. WATER ST.   Telephone 441  WATER   HEATING 
      BUS             JEFFERSON] 218 [DIREcrORY         CLA 
      Buss Charles A. photog. 100 Main, h. Jefferson House.      i 
    C' Bussler Louis, lab. h. B s. w. cor. W. 5th. 
       Butcheit Peter, lab. h. Wisconsin House.                   P 
       Buchta Peter, h. Rock n. e. cor. 4th.                      N 
       Buchta Rosina (wid. Wolf) h. 613 Main. 
   CAIRNS R. R. (Cairns & McDonald) h. Knoxville, Tenn. 
       Cairns & McDonald (R. R. Cairns, Samuel McDonald) woolen 
   *     mills, w. s. river bank, s. C. 
       Calkins James, carp. h. B n. e. cor. W. 5th.           -n 
~      Calkins Viola Miss, h. B n. e. cor. W. 5th. 
       CALUMET HOTEL THE, 0. C. Heimerl, prop. Milwaukee 
         s. e. cor. 1st, opp. R. R. depot. 
       Carroll Mary Miss, h. s. s. B 3 w. 5th. 
~      Carroll Patrick J. farmer, s. s. B 3 w. 5th.                 2 
       Caskin Victor, maltster, h. 118 Center E.              rp 
       Chicago & Northwestern Railway, Herman W. Boettcher, agt. 
         First bet. Milwaukee and Dodge. 
       Christ Edna Miss, teacher. h. n. s. Cemetery 1 w. Center. 
       Christ George, carp-contr. h. n. s. Cemetery 1 w. Center.  C 
       Christians Arthur 0. lab. h. n. s. E. Darling 2 w. Elizabeth.  = 
   Christians Henry C. v-pres. Farmers' & Merchants' Bank, h.       a
         Johnson Creek. 
       Christians Martha Miss, h. 406 Main.                       = 
       Christians William, h. 406 Main. 
       Church Frank E. farmer, h. w. s. Pleasant 2 n. Washington. 
 Church Harriett (wid. Alfred J.) h. 308 High. 
       Church James A. shoemkr. h. 308 High. 
       Church Olive Miss, h. w. s. Pleasant 2 n. Washington. 
       Churchill Adeline B. teacher High School, h. 409 Main.       t 
  46, 0 CITY BREWERY, Rudolph Heger, prop. 118 Center, E. bott- a, 
  aZ     ling works 115 Center E. (See back cover.) 
  0    City Fire House, E. 3d, s. w. cor. Milwaukee. 
  L -  City Hall, E. 3d s. w. cor. Milwaukee.                    = 
it';   City of Jefferson Mutual Fire Ins. Co. John W. Heid, pres; 
   a L. M. Smith, v-pres; Win. Wright, see; Joseph Stoppenbach, 
   .j 1  treas. 101 Main.                                             M 
   0   City Water and Lighting Co. ft. Racine.                Co 
   'U  Clapp Mary Mrs. h. e. s. 4th 2 s. Milwaukee. 
   ZI  Clark Helen, teacher High School, h. 205 Milwaukee.          C= 
                                  2x7 Main St.    x06 3rd St. 
                     W  W[8[      WATERTOWN, WIS. 

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