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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Jefferson directory: B],   pp. 214-218 PDF (1.4 MB)

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     BOR           JEFFERSON] 217 [DIRECTORY         BUR 
     Bork August, h. B n. e. cor. Pleasant. 
Z     Bork Clara Miss, h. B n. e. cor. Pleasant. 
a     Bosshard Jennie (wid. Charles) h. A n. e. cor. High. 
      Braman Carrie Mrs. milk-dlr. B s. w. cor. W. 5th, h. same. 
      BRAXIAN OHARLES E. house-mover and general contractor, mn 
020     B s. w. cor. W 5th, h. same. 
j ~  Braman John, mach. h. 214,W. 5th.  rcgNt 
      Braun Mary, domestic, h. Sanborn n. w. eor. North. 
      Bredlow Ernst, lab. h. 515 Main. 
   Brewer Jay B. physician, h. 203 W. 1st. 
      Brose Albert, lab. h. 516 Main. 
      Brose Ardena, domestic, h. 115 Dodge. 
      Brose Emelia (wid. Gottfried) h. 516 Main. 
      Brose John, packer, h. 516 Main. 
     Brose Otto, lab. h. 516 Main. 
a     Brose Samuel G. janitor High School, h. 506 Main.         o 
    Brose Sophia Miss, dressmkr. h. 516 Main.                   C 
      Brown Solon B. h. e. s. Main 3 n. Mechanic. 
  o   Buchta Charles, lab. h. 601 Main.                    -M 
    Buchta Charles 0. packer, h. 310 E. 4th.                        = 
      Buchta Frank, tmstr. h. 221 Racine.                           o 
_     Buchta John, engnr. h. 613 Main.                             1 
     Buchta John M. drayman, h. 210 Racine. 
     Buchta John W. packer, h. 3d n. e. cor. Washington. 
  q   Buelow Anna Miss, h. Main S. at limits.                    > 
      Buelow Frank E. farmer, h. Main S. at limits.              4 
      Buelow Fredericke (wid. Frank G.) h. 406 Center E. 
      Buelow Martha Miss, h. Main S. at limits. 
  r   Bullock Jennie M. teacher East Side School, h. Jefferson House 
      Bullock John D. U. S. rev. collr. h. 112 W. 1st.     0   * 
  Z   Bullwinkel Anna Barbara (wid. Charles F.) mngr. 109 Main, 
       h. North s. e. cor. West.                          z M 
  0'  Bullwinkel Charles F. estate, hdwr. 109 Main. 
  0   Bullwinkel Charles H. elk. 109 Main, h. North s. e. cor. West. 
  Im  Bullwinkel George F. elk. 109 Main, h. North s. e. cor. West.  - 
0     Bullwinkel Julia E. elk. 109 Main, h. North, s. e. cor. West.   
      Bullwinkel Ortgies A. V. chief of police, h. w. s. High, 3 n. A. o
      Bullwinkel Thomas, weaver, h. s. s. C 1 w. Bridge.        0 C= 
o 1"'Bundrick Charles, baker, h. 209 Racine.                     z 
   SBurchardt Emil, attendant 'Insane Asylum, h. same.        M)n' 
   Buri Benjamin R. sec-treas. The Banner Ptg. Co. h. Jefferson u 
a       House. 
      The Latest and Newest In Furnishing  iTr       HFM 
      Goods always to be found at the 
      107 Main Street, * Watertown, Wis. 

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