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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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Page 202

     if You Want to Buy or Sell a Lot. House or Farm, Go to 
                            MA116 MAN STREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS. 
  TOU            FT. ATKINSON] 202 [DIRECTORY.        VOY 0 
     Tousley Charles W (C B Tousley & Son) res 59 Washington   i 
   ( Touslev May I elk 41 S Main res 17 W Milwaukee av 
     Touton Arthur butcher res 52 Lincoln                  -. 
C5 = Touton John police res 53 N High 
   2 Touton William clk res 55 N Hit! h 
C:   Touton William J wagon mkr 9 N Water e res Koshkonong 
     Treder August lab res 35 S 5th w 
   Treder Mary Miss res 35 S 5th w                         r-4 
Lj Trieloff Charles carp contr 29 N Main res same 
     Truax William electr res Park Hotel                          0 
   - Trumble John tinsmith res 82 Foster                         - 
~ jULMAND Carn lab res 47 W Sherman av 
Cm')     Umland Mary domestic 34 E Sherman av 
     Urban Barbara Miss res 72 N High 
C    Urbani John street commissioner res 72 N High 
     Urban John Jr carp contr res 69 N High                    A 
     /VAIL Delos Mrs res 71 S Main 
         Valerius Theodore L supt C C & G Mnfg Co res 57 Clarence 
~ Vandenburge Daniel res 50 S Main 
C    Vandewater Ernest engnr res 20 E Milwaukee av          _=_ 
   J Van Epps Edward printer res Hotel Snover 
C    Van Epps Harry printer res Hotel Snover 
     Van Horn Harry butcher res n s E Sherman av at limits 
     Venter Philip wood wkr res 22 Barrie 
     Venzke Clara bkpr 43 S Main res 19 E Sherman av           a- 
 * Vetnzke Henry res 18 E Sherman av             .            r 
 0V3 Vickery Arthur W elk 22 S Main res 66 S Main          X ý 
     Vickerv Della E stenog 11 N Main res 100i S High 
     Vickerv F M & Son (Frank M and Herbert S Vickery) grocers - 
         22 S Main                                          -U 
      Vickery Frank M (F MVickery & Son) res 100 S High 
      Vickery Herbert S (F M Vickery & Son) res 100 S High        1 
   _Vickery Jerusha V Miss res 32 Whitewater av 
 91   Vie Le John M undertaker res 71 Foster                    o 
   __ Voigt Albert mason contr 28 S 6th w res same          * :F" 
      Voigt Clara Miss res 28 S 6th w                      2 C@ 
   u. Voigt Clarence lab res 28 S 6th w 
   Von Toerne Augusta (wid Gerhard) res 93 East               Val 
 V Vosburgh Charles lab res 69 Grove                               ! 
   -  Vosburgh Clarence D foreman Wilcox Lumber Co res 69 Grove 0- 
 C 0-Vosburgh Glen mail carrier res 69 Grove                  4.:. 
 = m Vosburgb Sanford corn tray res East cor McCombe 
 e ~Voy Charles saloon 5 N Water e res same 
            ,..,.. ,             LAWERS IND IOT0I[S PUBIC 
                                      l NUTS"HA ADVOKATw. 
             KADIN & K   DING    WATERTOWN, - . WISCONSIN 

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