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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: R],   pp. 195-197 PDF (846.3 KB)

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: S],   pp. 197-201 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 197

     TELPHOE 1612  cat"" . .  "R=14bes llo   20' SECOND STREET
     RUT         FT. ATKINSON] 197 [DIRECTORY.        SCH 
   5 Rutzen Ernst tailor res 56 Bluff 
   o Rutzen Henry mail messenger P 0 res 18 Cooper 
   ý: Rutzen Mamie Miss res 56 Bluff 
   Rutzen Nora Miss res a56 Bluff                                - 
z  ag Rutzen Paul sawyer res 56 Bluff 
   ST Joseph Cath Church 40 N Main 
         St Paul's Ev Luth Church S High cor S 3d 
   3 St Paul's Ev Luth School S 3d cor Bluff 
     Sanford Charles E tailor res 48 N High                    a 
   - Saur Adam lab res 34 Germany 
   S avall August J The Fort Steam Laundry res 65 S Main 
w    Schaefer Florence Miss res 69 Maple                  p-W4 
     Schaefer William rural mail carrier res 69 Maple       0 . 
   V Schall Gustav lab res 56 Mechanic                     x I :ý,
F,5 Scharf William mach res 38 Madison av 
     Schempf Ada M Miss res 67 Foster 
   S chempf Edward sec Henry Schempf Co res Watertown       00 
     Schempf Fredericka (wid William) res 67 Foster       A0. 
   w Schempf Henry pres-treas Henry Schempf Co res 61 Maple 
C    Schempf Heary Co Henry Schempf pres treas Edward Schempf $2, 
C.-j    sec dairv 4-6 S 3d w                              Axv 
     Schenke Otto lab res N Water e 
     Schilling Augusta (wid Gustav) res 6 N 4th 
Schilling Emil tailor res 78 N Main                        two 
     Schilling George foreman mach N W Mnfg Co res 56 N Main   A- 
     Schilling Paul clk 34 S Main res 78 N Main            ýzi 
Q* Schlagel Andrew turner res 44 W Shermanav 
   Schlagel William lab res 44 W Sherman av               A   I 
     Schley Richard carp res 50 W Sherman av 
'U   Schliehermaier Gottfried res 6 N Water w 
     Schloss Sarah (wid Edward) res 14 S 3d 
     Schmidt Carl mason res 43 Edward                            _ 
     Schmidt Otto lab res 43 Edward                            - 
     Schneider Carl lab res 11 Roberts 
     Schneider Edward R prin Luth School res Bluff n w cor S 3d  k 
I    Schneider Gussie Miss res 42 N Main 
     Schneider John lab res 22 S Water w 
'mm Schneider Valentine lab res 42 N Main 
     Schoellkopf Charles real estate res 41 W Sherman av       0 
____ Schoellkopf Mary (wid John) res 54 Edward 
     Schoellkopf Rose student res 25 N Main 
     Schoen Edward sawyer res 60 Bluff 
     Schoen W foreman wheelwright N W Mnfg Co res 26 S Water' 
                           WW        HEAOQUARTERS FOR [   * 
                                 EW HOME SEWING MACHINES 
     W,        M,             ,1 21,3 Main Street," , Watertew,, Wis.

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