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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: J],   pp. 182-183 PDF (568.5 KB)

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: K],   pp. 183-186 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 183

     AT HOME 
     DRINK WYLY             H k~nT1GrIX.X 
     JAY       FT. ATKINSON] 183 [DIRECTORY.       KEN 
  jaycox Liza (wid Alonzo E) res 38 E Sherman av 
    Jaycox Nellie Miss res 90 Clarence 
  p Jefferson Claude M printer res Park Hotel 
  JEFFERSON COUNTY UNION W D Hoard & Co publi- > 
  !    shers 37-41 S Main 
0 Jelmstad Anna domestic res 69 Adams                       - 
    Johnson Libbie M milliner 28 N Main res 13 N Main 
14 1 Johnston Carl student res 47 Milwaukee av w 
1*   Johnston Lyon dentist res 58 Grove 
N ~Johnston Ole foreman res 47 Milwaukee av w 
  t  ofiehus8t      " n    JOIINSTON T-HOMAS L dentist 4 S Main res
58 Grove  [ 
    " offlice hours 8 to 12 and I to 5 
-Jones Albert lab res 25 WV Sherman av 
  >o Jones Dairy Farm M C and E C Jones prop 60-70 Milwaukee av 
     ones Edward C (Jones Dairy Farm) res 20 Jones av 
  ones Mary elk res 22 Jones 2o 
  Z Jones Milo C (Jones Dairy Farm) res 22 Jones av         M 
0   Jones Phillip W elk res 22"Jones av                m - 
  ,,Jones Sid R bkpr 42 S Main res 64 Maple                 M 
  Jones Silas S res 63 Grant                            cm 
      Jordan Albert elk res 62 Milwaukee av w             cc 
    Jung Charles blksmith res 70 Germany                   m 
  U Jung Ottilie (wid Henry) res 52 Clarence 
  _E= Tn Ravmiond earn res 68 Germiany 
    Jung Theodore ret farmer res 68 Germany            > C=L 
  S    AHL Charles G (Hausen & Kahl) res 52 Edward      _q _O 
  DWK   Kahl Jacob mach res 33 Barrie                  m. 
n Kahl Leda Miss student res 33 Barrie 
  c Kahl Lottie Miss student res 49 Lincoln 
 Kahl Mary (wid Philip) res 54 Germany                       0 
  Z Kamrath Flora domestic 2½ 5 Water w                          
Z    Karg Jacob lab res 69 Edward                                M 
O Kaunzner Joseph F marblewks 2 N Main res 5 S 3d e 
  0 Keat Ernest painter res 32 W Sherman av                      = 
  I" Keat James carp res 32 W Sherman av 
  IX Keihler Louis lab res 16 Mc Combe 
- w Kellner Herman A mach res 35 E Sherman av 
     Kellogg Bessie Miss.student res 59 Roberts 
o 1' Kellogg Henry J carp res 59 Roberts                       0 
0    Kellogg Karl student res 59 Roberts                         = 
     Kelly William V lab res 25 Barrie                         ( 
O    Kendall Anna Miss res 72 Maple 
     The Latest and Newest In Furnishing iurH F     N  J" 
     Goods always to be found at theULJI 
     107 Main Street, * Watertown, Wls. 

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