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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: H],   pp. 177-182 PDF (1.7 MB)

Page 180

             V~fl ~GO          ALVANZD PIPE9 E NGINE 
             liii             AND BOILER TRIMMINGIS 
                              200-206 N. Waler St,. - 4 ",- ' Walertown,
     HET         FT. ATKINSON.] 180 [DIRECTORY.      HOF " 
     Heth Ada domestic 14 S 3d w 
     Heth Anna domestic 48 Merchants av 
   Heth Augusta Miss res 50 Lincoln 
   Heth Dola domestic 7 E Milwaukee av 
     Heth Emma domestic 52 Maple 
     Heth Ernst student res 77 Grove 
     Heth Herman R lab res 77 Grove 
     Ileth Lillian domestic res 24 Madison av 
   SHeth Otto R lab res 48 Lincoln 
     Heth Rudolph lab res 50 Lincoln 
   a Heth William mason res 50 Lincoln                    -. 
   Heuchel Fred grocer 14 N Main res 35 Adams 
     Heuchel George painter res 74 Jefferson 
     Hibbard Charlotte teacher res 42 Foster                  o 
     Hibbard Lillie Miss res 42 Foster 
     Hibbard Samuel woodwkr res 42 Foster                       2 
    HHills Clara Miss res 34 N 4th                        (j) 
     Hills Clarissa (wid Fletcher) res 61 Jefferson 
     Hills Delbert D bkpr res 63 Jefferson 
     Hills Herbert D lab res 34 N 4th 
     Himmler Christ F bkpr N W Mnfg Co res 81 N Main           = 
     Himmler Julia nurse res 49 Maple                       CD 
     Hinkel Henrv lab res 39 S 4th 
   * Hinkel Ray ctk res 39 S 4th 
    Hirschfeld Millie domestic res 46 Edward               - 
     Hirschfield Nettie domestic res 16 S 3rd w           C- 
  Hirth Andrew F harnessmkr 4 N Main res 76 N Main 
     Hirth Arthur clk 29 N Main res 76 N Main 
     Hirth Carrie teacher res 76 N Main 
     Hirth Mamie printer res 76 N Main 
     H-IOARD ARTHUR R (W D Hoard & Co) res 54 Merchants - 
        av                                  .                = 
  z  Hoard Frank W (W D Hoard & Co) res 7 E Milwaukee av 
  Q.t Hoard Gwendoline Miss res 54 Merchants av 
  -J - Hoard Halbert L (W D Hoard & Co) res 50 Merchants av   a 
  6j Ui HOARD W D & CO (William D Halbert L Arthur R and a 
z       Frank W Hoard) pubs Hoard's Dairyman and Jefferson      - 
   : - County Union 37-41 S Main 
   Liw Hoard William D (W D Hoard & Co) res 85 S Main          w 
'0   HOARD'S DAIRYMAN W D Hoard & Co publishers 37-41 F 
C       S Main                                            0. 
y xz Hoffman Carl A lab res 34 Barrie 
  "  Hoffman Frank E lab res 63 Adams                    a rn 
                          W[FUR F U R COATS 
                                I x7 Main St.  xo6 3rd St. 
     WIRLIIIIUIU~               WATEKrTOWN, WIS. 

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