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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: C],   pp. 168-171 PDF (1.1 MB)

Page 169

                         208 SECOND STREET  N TELEPHONE 1612 
   v CAR         FT. ATKINSON] 169 [DIRECTORY.       COB 
W    Carow Emma seamstress res 23 W Sherman av 
QZ Carpenter Oliver P lab res 75 Jefferson 
   I Carroll Theodore fisherman res 27 Milwaukee av w 
0  P Case Emily (wid Josiah) res 8½ E Milwaukee av 
   ICase Horace corn tray res 42 Merchants av 
r    Case Wellington res 54 Jefferson                     _--- 
   f Case William ins agt res 56 Washington 
Cass Dudley res 16 Jefferson 
K    Cass Ethel milliner res 18 Jefferson                    - 
0"y Cass Hardy lab res 18 Jefferson 
Iii Caswell Chester A cash Citizens State Bank res 44 Merchants av 
     jCaswell George W treas Northwestern Mnfg Co res 20 Madison 
        av w 
W  Y Caswell Harlow 0 physician 1 N Main res 17 S 3d av 
     Caswell Justine M Miss res 48 N Main. 
   Caswell Lucien B pres 1st Nat Bank lawyer 13 N Main res 50 N 
   y    Main                                                 M 
   Caswell Lucien B J cashier First Nat Bank res 48 N Main 
     Caswell Zida E teacher res 48 N Main 
     Chadwick William .es 6 McCombe 
     Chadwick William H lab res 6 McCombe 
     CHALLIS EDWARD I dentist 2Y2 S Water w res same 
   Champion Hattie Mrs res 77 Adams 
W    Chapman Amelia (wid Samuel) res 56 Adams 
   - Chapman Theo J farmer res 79 Madison av 
   Chase Roy D asst cashier Citizens State Bank res 54 Grove  " 
   C Chase Sherwood wood turner res 56 Washington               M 
   0 Chase Thaddens W elk 41 S Main res 56 Washington          C= 
   0 Chicago & Northwestern R'y G W Cook agt S 3d w cor Janes- . 
        ville a v 
     CITIZENS STATE BANK L B Royce pres; C A Caswell            - 
V  )    cashier 27 S Main 
  U City Hall 5-7 S Water                                LaD 
--  Clapp SC (wid Joseph D) res 17 E Milwaukee av         -- 
Uj   Clark David bkpr res 46 Adams 
0- Clothier Eliza F (wid Charles T) res 6 Whitewater av        -C 
O U_ Coe, Converse & Co The R J Coe pres; F C Edwards v-pres; "
        A J Edwards see; D C Converse treas; nursery Whitewater 
  -j    at s limits                                      3- 
     Coe Gertrude Z teacher res Whitewater av at s limits    N vv 
     Coe Rennsselaer J pres The Coe, Converse & Edwards Co res 1 -_ 
        Whitewater ay and s linýits                          0 
     Coe Sara C clk 41 S Main tes 71 Whitewater av           * 
     W   D  SPROESSER.     60.213MAI         JEWELERM SI 
            W. 0, 1    1    6. Watertown, Wis. 1,1 

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