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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Fort Atkinson directory: B],   pp. 164-168 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 167

AT HOME                   UAU~EWIS 
EXPORT BOTTLE BEER                      ,r PH.o2 
llKEmlll IIEII                 llUEIn 
            NEW        HUME HUl ILL 
0 0                   Mrs. F. L. BOYNTON, Prprier 
                1"$1.00 per day 
                          TELEPHONE 5- 
    35 N. Main Street                    FT. ATKINSON, WIS. 
  ,_ Boynton Jennings E del clk res New Home Hotel 
Ir- BRADT NICHOLAS D M        realestate loans and insurance 
  19-  3 Sherman av w res 18 Sherman av w 
10 Bragg Edwin H boxmkr res 49 Poster 
     Brandel Charles lab res 38 Germany                 an 
     Brandel Henry G supt Northwestern Mnfg Co res 54 Foster    P 
     Brandel Jacob real estate 38 Germany res same             " 
     Brandel Jacob C (Sontag & Brandel) res 2 E Sherman av   C.3 
     Brandel Louise Miss res 54 Foster                  U - 
   Brandel Millie E comp res 49 Foster 
     Brannan Della waitress res 65 Adams                  mn 
  E Brannan Michael lab res 65 Adams 
     Bressingham Michael shoemkr res 35 N Main               > 
cow Brewer Edith phone.opr res 10 South                -o 
     Brewer Frank M physician 2.5 S Main res 17 S 3d         r1- 
0 1 Brewer J Dwight student res 17 S 3d 
#A Brewer Rosette, C ladies' furnishings 5 Milwaukee av wressame-4 
     Brewin Edward chair mkr res 40 Adams              0o 
  ZBrewin Lulu cik 4 S Main res 40 Adams               -_ 
 Bridges Samuel A: vwoodwkr res 15 S 3d 
     Briggs Joseph F (Briggs & Son) res 29 Whitewater av 
     Briggs Wanton res 54 Jefferson 
0 1. Briggs William (Briggs & Son) res 29 Whitewater av     C 
Sk   Briggs William jr barber res 29 Whitewater av 
     Briggs*& Son (William and Joseph F Briggs) blacksmiths 305 (a 
     OWWater w 
     Britzman Amelia (wid Ernest) res 52 Grant         0- 
     Brovick Frank lab res 90 East 
0    Brovick Lena Miss res 90 East                     U) W 
    Brovick Lucia (wid Anton) res 90 East 
    Brown Benito D blksmith res 20 S High              2* 
    The Lmtest and Newest In Furnishing H[fTN 
    Goods always to be found at the 
    107 Main Street, * Watertown. Wis. II[i   [A    I 

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