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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: M],   pp. 96-103 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 99

        TEEPON 112 and Feed. .*. Fanufly Trade a Siecielt  29 O SIN TREET
     MCD         WATERTOWN] 99 [DIRECTORY.           MEL 
UJ   McDonald Johanna (wid John) res 11 N Warren 
   . McDonald Nellie teacher res 1 11 N Warren 
     McDonald Margaret dressmkr res 111 N Warren 
   0McDonald Mary (wid Patrick H) res 219 N Montgomery 
     McDonald William candvmkr res 11  N Warren 
   Z McDonough Margaret Miss res 208 Montgomery 
   I McDonough Michael lab res 208 Montgomery 
   4 McFarland James res 208 N Warren 
   McFarland John res 816 W Division 
   M cFarland Joseph lab res 816 W Division 
   w McFarland Mary Miss res 208 N Warren 
Y)   McFarland Minnie Miss res 816 W Dvision 
     McGolrick Anastasia S iJ P & Ak S McGolrick) res 601 Clhman 
   t- McGOLRICK J P & A S (James P and Anastasia McGol- 
   m    rick) wood and coal 1014.5th                     III 
   r McGolrick James P (J P & A S McGolnck) res 610 Clyman   A 
   a McGowan Philomena (wid Jeremiah) res 119 W Main 
     McGrath Margaret teacher res 709 5th                   *'< 
   McGraw MaryJ (wid John) res 408 W Main                     0 
     McInnes Donald supt 314 1st res 413 4th 
     McLaughlin Felix mason contr 301 Montgomery res same 
     McLaughlin Frank painter res 729 Lafayette              A 
     McLaughlin Fred brakesman C M & St P res 301 Montgomery A 
     McLaughlin John res '722 Lafayette                         0 
     McLear Mary Miss res 415 Washington                        j 
McMahon Catherine trimmer res 413 4th                      22L 
C- MeManman Katherin Mrs res 400 N Church 
     McManman Lillian Miss res 400 N Church                  A 
     Mead Aaron clk 209 Main res 203 7th 
     Mead Cornelia Miss res 400 Clyman 
     Mead Daniel lab res 400 Clyman 
     Mead Flora Miss res 400 Clyman 
     Meagher Daniel res 201 Warren 
     Meagher Mary Miss res 201 Warren 
=      eckes Valentine tmstr res 413 8th                   r" 
     Mehlhofer Josephine dressmkr res 608 1 1th 
                  Mehlhfer                                4 aC 
Mehlhofer Katherine (wid Joseph) res 608 11th 
     Meinert D Cornelius Rev pastor Moravian church res 504 Cole -4 __ 
LII Meinhard Caroline Mrs midwife 210 Jones res same        __ 
Fm   Meitner Ernst lab res 311 Arcade av                 z  . 
q=   Meitner Mary (wid Joseph) res 515 W Main 
     Meitner Vinccnt res 111 N 6th 
3C Melcher August butcher res 714 Vine 
                                34F n A  HEADQuARTERS FOR W  , 
                 annnriarnNEW HOME SEWING MACHINES 
     W.v    8NU~~L         UU. 213 Main Street, - Watertown, Wks. 

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