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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: L],   pp. 92-96 PDF (1.4 MB)

Page 93

                                  ''IMANUIFACTVRUER OF '5' 
                                Hartig's   Celebrated 
     LEM         WATERTOWN] 93 [DIRECTORY.           LAN 
   Lange Charles F cheesemkr res 1109 10th                     2 
6    Lange Charles L real estate 901 3d res same 
! Lange Elizabeth Miss res 1118 N 2nd 
  91 Lange Frederick malsterres 1118 N 2nd 
  - Lange Henry F foreman 401 1st res 607 Cole                   - 
   Lange Isabelle Miss res 901 3d                                M 
  * Lange John lab res 401 8th 
G    Lange John C mach res 606 N Montgomery 
  Lange John H lab res 606 N Montgomery 
3;  Lange Joseph foreman machine dept Dornfeld-Kunert Co res 
        800 2nd 
 Mo Lange Marie Miss res 405 N 4th 
q= Lange Minna Mrs milliner 208 Main res 611 Clyman 
Lange Otto shoe ctr 416 1st res 401 8th 
Lange Reinhold shoemkr res 1118 N 2nd 
CC Lange Theodore shoemkr res 401 8th 
=-mJ Langer Barbara (wid Frank) res 203 Lafayette 
     Langer John res 509 N 6th 
     Lauersdorff John res Country rd nr Boughton 
     Lauritsen Ole cementwkr res 206 Main 
 :   Lawton Katie Miss res 1215 3d                        If%4 
     Lawton Peter lab res 1215 3d 
     Leahy Katherine (wid James) res 414 Montgomery 
     Leahy Katie laundress res 414 Montgomery 
     Leahy William res 414 Montgomery                     COD 
  - Lehmann Eliza (wid Emanuel) res 902 N 4th 
     Lehmann Frank H ice dir 110 Lynn res 710 Clyman 
 CO Lehmann Frederick res 710 Clyman 
     Lehmann Fred W (Lehmann & Schroeder) res 404 2nd         am 
 t   Lehmann George G bkpr 110 Lynn res 710 Clyman 
     Lehmann William C farmer res 840 West 
     LEHMANN & SCHROEDER (Fred W Lehmann, Charles 
        Schroeder) lumber coal and cement 401-417 1st 
     Leifald Dora dressmkr res 605 1st                            C 
     Lekar John shoemkr 215 Main res 1416 Utah 
-= Lemke Artnur driver res 702 N 4th 
& Lemke Edward laundryman res 702 N 4th                         0 
   - Lemke Ferdinand butcher res 702 N 4th                         M 
   -u' Lemke Fred butcher res 702 N 4th                             o 
   co Lemke Tillie Miss res 702 N 4th                              = 
     Lemmerhirt Alex lab res 1044 N 4th 
-j   Lemmerhirt Henry cooperage and cheese box mnfr ft Clyman 
        w of 2nd res 903 Western av 
                                A STORE FOR COOD DRESSERS 
                                Makers of MEN'S FIlE CLOTHES, that have 
                     S107 Main St., Watertown, Wis. 

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