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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Watertown directory: K],   pp. 82-92 PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 87

                         208 SECOND STREET %4 ' TELEPHONE 1612 
     KOH          WATERTOWN] 87 [DIREc-TORY.         KRA 
0    Kohlhoff Leonard J sec-treas Jahnke Creamery Co res 1146 
   3 Kohlmeyer Gottfried lab res 820 W Main 
   0 Kohis Annie milliner rei 210 College av 
)    Kohls Charles engnr res 210 College av 
   - Kohls Chas lab res 210 College av 
     Kohls Herman maltster res 601 12th 
     Kohls Ida mach opr res 2 10 College av 
I" Kohls William (Nowack & Kohls) res 433 College av 
()   Kohn Charlks A mach hd res 813 N 4th 
   w Kohout Catherine (wid John) res'401 Concord av 
     Kohout John farmer res 401 Concord av 
0J   Kolath Sophie (wid John) res 1213 Lisbon              r-r-I 
W Y Kolinski Anton res 304 Monroe 
     Kolinski Elizabeth Miss res 304 Monroe 
     Kolinski Frank baggagenan C M & St P Ry res 304 Monroe 2 
Z    Kopp Frank E cigarmkr res 911 Garfield 
b Y Kopp Ida principal No 4 school res 709 N 2nd 
;    Kopp Julia (wid John) 709 N 2nd 
     Kopp Mary Mrs res 815 Jones 
     Korban Herman lab res 1138 River 
     w Korff Herman brewer res 217 Mary 
     . Korfi Martin lab res 606 Cleveland 
     0 Korff William lab res 224 Division 
 W.I- Korn Henry A tailor res 304 Elizabeth 
    4 Korn William res 3o4 Elizabeth 
    . Kortegast William peddlar res 110 Hall               W= 
    Kortum Fred Rev pastor Advent church res 215 Division        M 
    0 Kortum Lillian Miss res 215 Division                         3 
    I Koser Anton baker res 109 2nd 
  -  Koser Frank J baker 109 2nd res same                  sE 
  Kottmann George res 522 South                                  2 
  Q Uj Kowalski William engnr res 203 Lafayette 
  C Z Kraemer Alvin shoemkr res 113 W Cady 
  D Kraemer Charles W cigarmkr res 817 Main                  C= 
  "  Kraemer William res 113 W Cady                             ' 
  i n Kraft Herman lab res 617 7th 
  Z  Kraft Martha domestic 712 6th 
  <inj Kraft Otto lab res 306 Hyland 
  < Kraft Richard mach hd res 1021 3d                      Eq 
  Q Krahmer Herman tmstr res 206 9th 
  <X Krahn Albert lab res 140 W Spauldinfi 
   }-- Krahn August farmer res 1400 N 2nd 
      W. D. SPROESSER      GO~w,,1,,.13MAIN .  EWELERS 
                                 Watertown, Wis. 

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