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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Watertown directory: K],   pp. 82-92 PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 86

     Otto Bicfcld &             Coe' STEAM AND HOT 
     200-06 N. WATER ST. - Telephone 441 WATER HEATING 
     KOE         WATERTOWN]    86  [DIRECTORY.      KOH - 
     Koehler Arnold student res 907 Cady 
   i Koehler August carp res 907 Cady        . 
     Koehler John bkpr L H Cordes & Co res 118 N 10th 
     Koehler John janitor Merchants Bank res 131 Dewey av 
     Koehler Julia Miss house kpr 412 N 4th 
   <Koehn Frederiek lab res 910 Tones 
   -t Koehn William carp res 1037 N 2nd                      " 
     Koenig Adella Miss res 700 2nd 
   u Koenig Edward drayman res 108 6th 
   * Koenig Ella Miss teacher res 1215 Western av             i 
 -   Koenig Ferdinand farmer res n end Fremont 
Koenig George (R P Koenig & Co) res 302 Milwaukee           M 
-~ Koenig Henry lab res 507 1st 
SKoenig Herman supt elevator Globe Milling Co res 507 1st      i 
     Koenig Hugo bkpr 500 1st res 312 N 4th                 2 
     Koenig Martin J brushmkr res 507 1st 
     KOENIG R     P & CO (Rudolph P and George Koenig)       : 
        props Eagle Mills 514 1st 
 Koenig Rudolph P (R P Koenig & Co) res 700 2nd 
     Koenig Walter lab res Fremont at n limits 
     Koepke August res n s Boomer I e Humboldt 
     Koepke August jr s s Boomer 1 e Humboldt              CD 
     Koepp Louis painter res 806 Garfield 
     Koepp Theodore eigarmkr res 315 Green 
K oerner Emma M Miss res 408 Hancock                       Cr 
     Koerner Mary (wid Jacob) res 408 Hancock              -0 
     Koerner Theodore J clk 106 W Main res 408 Hancock 
     Koester Catherine (wid Anton) res 508.N Montgomery 
     Koester Elmer bkpr 303 Water res 111 N Montgomery 
     KoesterJoseph printer res 508 N Montgomery             _Z 
     Koester Magdalen dressmkr res 508 N Montgomery 
     Koezelnick Frederick lab res 713 N Church 
w " w Koezelnick Fred W lab res 713 N Church                   c 
21   Kohl Edwin elk 300 Main res 801 ad 
  0 00Kohl Henry carr painter res 801 3d 
     Kohl Minnie 300 Main res 801 3d 
   I' Kohl Minnie elk Mrs grocer 300 Main res 801 3d 
0 :  Kohlbry Emil tinner res 511 N Church                e - 
  - h Kohlbry Herman mason res 511 N ChSrch                r" 
  Q - Kohlhase Edward E comitrav res 304 N Water 
   O Kohlhase Martha Miss res 304 N Water               -n 
    0 Kohlhoff Albert farmer res e s Concord av nr limits    U = 
0. 0 KohlhoffJohn lab res 712 1st                           i 
                                2x7 Main St.   1o6 3rd St. 
                         IWATERTOWN, WIs. 

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