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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Watertown directory: K],   pp. 82-92 PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 85

    DRINK         YLU*          L       J        X 
    KLE           WATERTOWN]   85 DIRECTORY.        KOC 
    Kleck Frank miller res 118 Emerald 
    Kleck Fred res 608 N 2nd 
a    Kleck Gustav lab res 608 N 2nd 
-b;E Kleck Selma Miss res 1005 N 2nid 
     Klecker Frank res 124 Dewey av 
'( 0 Klecker Theresa (wid Vincent) res 604 Cady 
Em. Kleemann Emma Miss res 762 Berlin av 
  11% Kleemann Ferdinand lab res 762 Berlin av 
0 [d Kleemann Fred lab 762 res Berlin av 
(9 ~Kleemann Fred W mach res 409 N 4th 
     Klein Della Miss res 101s 7th 
     Klein Herman veterinary surgeon 412 6th res same 
     Klein Joseph com tray res 1013 7th 
  >a Kleinsteiber George tmstr res 107 5th 
  (0 Klemann Charles F horseshoer 110 N Water res 416 N Water 
     Klingbeil Carl lab res 1304 Boomer 
  10 Klingbeil Gustav lab res 927 W Division             C*M 
  3p Klingbeil Herman painter res 1023 N 2nd             er 
     Klingmann Julius Rev pastor St Marcus church res 710 Jones mm 1=P 
     Kluge George W F (Ziemnann & Kluge) res 106 Main           --4 
    Knaack Charles carp res 121 Dewey av                       C 
     Knaack Theodore P tailor res 121 Dewey av                      a 
     Knaak Adolph G elk P 0 res 1006 Western av    -I 
o E  Knaak Edward A elk 209 Main res 1006 Western av 
     Knaak Edward F utility clk P 0 res 1006 Western av 
  1  Knaak Elizabeth teacher res 1006 Western av                > 
oW Knaak Otto V baggage master C M & St P Ry res 1006 Wes- -I 
        tern av                                            %flI 
Kneubuehler George mach res 701 N 2nd 
  r  Kneubuehler John saloon 701 N 2nd res same          "4 
  M  Kneubuebler Milda Miss res 701 N 9nd                0 C 
     Knick Caroline (wid Herman) res 1022 3d                        3 
  1   nick Louis A grocer 1022 3d res same               2.r 
     Knick Paul H photo supplies 6 Main res 1406 3d                 = 
0 0 Knight of Pythias Hall 103-105 Main 
  Knispel John ice dlr res 210 Cole                               = 
     Knoll August helper res 507 Elba                     " = 
     Koch Benedict J lab res 217 W Main 
     Koch Engelbert farmer res 471 Concord av 
o    Koch Frank lab 833 West                             0 0 
  o Koch Josephine Miss res 313 Cady                            2 
     Koch Josephine Miss res 471 Concord av              U) 
     Koch Reinhold lab res 223 W Main 
     The Latest and Newest In Furnishing  IIrlT 1 
     Goods always to be found at the 
     407 Main Street, v Watertown, Wis. 

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