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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: K],   pp. 82-92 PDF (3.1 MB)

Page 82

                              'QLVA WOEDPI-PE, ENGIN~o 
                         ArND BOILER TRIMMINS$ 
                           0 0-206 N. Water St, I"=  Watfrowa, Va. 
     KAB         WATERTOWN] 82 [DicRETORY.          KAS 
         i                     K 
     K ABOT Henrietta Miss res a03 7th r  0   og 
>4       Kabot L Byron bkpr 321 Water res 205 College av 
     Kabot Virginia (wid Leopold) res 203 7th 
   - Kaddatz Fred res n s Leonard 1 w Center 
   4-KADING CHARLES A (Kading & Kading) res 424 N 
   1    Washington                                       F" 
        Kading) res 424 N Washington 
   *KADING & KADING (Charles A and Mrs Elizabeth JI 
SHolste Kading) law ins and real estate 11 Main (See left '4 
        bottom lines) 
     Kaeding Max carp res 602 1 1th 
     Kaercher August hostler res 1019 N 2nd                      ) 
     Kaercher engnr Wm Hartig res 513 Jefferson 
     Kaereher Emil H F harnessmkr res 117 Emerald       k 2 
     KaercherJohn M carp res 113 Emerald 
     Kaercber Louise Miss res 113 Emerald 
 Kaercher William T elk 301 Main res 113 Emerald 
     Kaiser Conrad grocer 600 N 2nd res same                 * 
     Kalfahs Emily Miss res 924 Cleveland                C C 
     Kaliebt Albert shoemkr res 1319 Center 
     S Kaliebe Ewald mason res 1319 Center                       C 
     Kaliebe Ewald W brushmkr res 1319 Center 
     Kaliebe Ferdinand lab res 1500 Center                -- 
     Kalina Charles R D carrier 3 res 510 Humboldt            o 
     LKalina Elizabeth Miss res 510 Humboldt 
     Kalina Frank painter res 510 Humboldt 
     Kalina Mathias tailor res 510 Humboldt                     C 
     Kant Anna F Mrs dress mkr 405 Main res same 
     Kant Christian res 1000 Jones 
   w Kant Frederick draymnan res 1116 River                      1 
   Y Kartak Frank res 912 Garfield 
     Kasper Frank farmer res 1119 Lisbon 
   in Kassahn Albertine (wid William) res 1200 Hart 
   £ Xassahn Frederick lab res 1200 Hart 
     Kassahn John lab res 1014 3d 
 D . Kasten Augusta (wid Edward) res 713 N 2nd 
 Wi Kasten Clara Miss res 1531 Utah                      W_ 
 4     im Kasten Ernst lab res 126 Kansas 
 y ' Kasten Frank res 1008 N 2nd 
 6< Kasten Henrietta (wid Henry) res 1531 Utah             rr 
                           WENFUR COATS 
                                I2x7 Main St. xO6 3rd St. 
     WEGEMAN N        WRL       WATEr T0"owN, WI. 

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