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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Watertown directory: J],   pp. 79-81 PDF (886.0 KB)

Page 81

          1M1MQ     - FLAVOR 15. 
                    NOTHIN ECELS BOTTLE BEER 
;o. JAN          WATCRTOWN]    81  [DIREcTORY.        JUS 
    Jantzen Emma L opr 101 Main res 214 Emerald 
  [Jantzen Joseph bridge carp res 214 Emerald 
0 Q) [anza Ferdinand res 315 E Water 
  Z  }eske Edward tinner res 501 6th 
  [ oda Frank lab res 754 N Church                        L) 
     Joda John shoemkr res 754 N Church                   :9 
  - Joda Mary Miss res 754 N Church 
U    Joda Sophia Miss res 754 N Church                            q 
     S oern Frederick res 1016 N 4th 
  ) Johnson August res 1402 Wilder                        :0 
U ~Johnson Edward pharmacist res 305 W Main 
     Johnson Elmer G clk 201 Main res 1402 Wilder              0 
     Jones Arleigh carr painter res 107 Market 
-    Jones Estelle E phone opr 101 Main res 600 8th             0 
     Jones Eugene carr painter res 2 01 1st                    > 
 t   Jones Florence L gas fitter res 1325 Western av 
 I- Jones Harry E carr painter 207 Market 
 00  Jones Irene student res 600 8th                         %N 
 C y Jones Olive student res 600 8th 
     Jones Robert U S revenue collector res 600 8th              o 
   I Jones Sadie (wid Charles W) res 1335 Western av 
   (U Jones William E carriage painter 201 1st res 107 Market  0 C 
A    Jones William J meter reader Wat Gas Co res 1325 Western av 
   54JOSS FREDERICK glove mnfr 114 6th res same                0 
   E JossiJacob cheese 122-124 N 1st res 711 Clyman 
   Ep jungmann Alex G cigarmkr res 4u5 Cole 
   ( Jungmann Edward shoe stitcher res 405 Cole 
     Jungmann Joseph carp res 405 Cole 
   qd Jungmann Joseph jr boxmkr res 405 Cole               -m 
   (A Jurick Anton lab res 1025 3d 
   ce Jurick Bernard lab res 1025 3d 
   Jurick Jacob res 1025 3d 
   Jurick Leo lab res 1110 River 
     Jussen Lena Miss housekpr res 215 6th 
 )   Justmann. Aurelia dressmkr res 812 Main 
 t r Justmann Charles res 812 Main 
     Justmann Harry del clk res 812 Main 
 * y Justmann Herman foreman res 812 Main 
 q- Justmann Max R cigarmkr res 819 Main 
   ( Justmann Robert C cigarmkr res 612 Main 
Your Business In CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS is wanted at 
107 MilE STREET, ou MoTTo, ,mWEou,,u I¶Ou,   a000 WATERTOWN, WIS. 

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