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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: H],   pp. 71-79 PDF (2.6 MB)

Page 74

    200-206 N. Water St. w P'ME 441 gr Watertown, Wis. 
  4 HEF         WATERTOWN]   74  [DIRECTORY.       HEN 
  14 Hefty Joh W engnr res 401 Montgomery 
  0 Hegener Anton res 612 Main 
  S Hegny Caroline Mrs res 217 N 4th 
     Heide Arthur J shoenkr res 823-N Warren 
     iHeide Louise (wid Gustav A) Yes 323 N Warren            ' 
  A Heide Meta Miss res 323 N Warren 
  Heidenr-John res 615 Milford                                   > 
  Heimnsehr Annie Miss res 214 N 2nd 
     Heimsehr Charles corn tray res 214 N 2nd 
     Heimsehr D (Mrs Josephine Heimsehr) grocer 216 N 2nd 
     Heimsehr Josephine Mrs (D Heimsehr) res 214 N 2nd 
     Heimsehr Marie Miss 214 N 2nd 
     Heinrich Conrad lab res 411 N 8th 
     Heinrich Percy res 411 N 8th 
     Heinz Herman mason res 614 N 4th                            C 
     Heise Albert 706 Milford 
     Heiser August lab res 1404 Utah 
     Heismann Charles (Schmutzler & Heismann) res 619 N 4th   .i (I)
     HEISMANN JOHN E grocer 115 Main res 313 Western av 
     Heitz Christian lab res 206 9th 
     Heitz Stella student res 128 Corner               g -4 
     Heitz Theodore clk Merchants Bank res 128 Corner 
     Helms Herman mason res 1323 Rockwell 
    Heller William tailor res Concord av nr limits 
     Helwig Charles lab res N Church                   ft 
     Henke Carl lab res 1503 Utah                                o 
     Henke Emilie (wid Fred) 406 8th                            0 
t lenke George R letter carrier No 5 res 514 8th 
     Henke Selma Miss res 406 8th 
     Henke Wilhelmine (wid William) res 1100 Center 
   . Hennessy Ann (wid James) res 1413 Dakotah 
9 Henning Charles carp res 310 College av 
  e. Henning Fred lab res 1410 Prospect 
. ~Henning Ida mach opr res 310 College av 
    * Henning William carp res 1410 Prospect 
w ¶rnHenning William jr lab res 1410 Prospect 
    Henoch Charles lab res 1101 3d 
  2fA Henoch Martha Miss res 1101 3d 
;- Henrich Casper miller res 312 Western av 
  w  Henrich Casper 0 miller res 319 Western av 
A    Henrieh Catherine student res 312 Western av         C.* 
  U 5 Henrich Elizabeth Miss res 319 Western av                   M 
                                                        aF = 
     Henrich Lillian dressmkr res 312 Western av        4 rri 
     HAA2R                    7 MAIN    WT 

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