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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: G],   pp. 64-71 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 70

              Otto iefed &         o. {STEAM AND HOT 
     200-200 N. WATER T.   Telephone     WAT     HEATING 
     GRU         WATERTOWN] 70 [DIRECTORY.           GUT .0 
     Gruel Louise Miss res 700 W Main                         C 
   CGruel Martha Miss res 717 W Cady 
   2 Gruel Otto bottler res 717 W Cady 
     Gruel Theodore carp res 1305 Schiller 
     GRUEL &     GAHLMAN (John C Gruel Gerritt M    Gahl- 
        man) saloon res Main 
     Gruetzmacher Anna Miss res 505 N 9nd' 
   2 Gruetzmacber Charles lab res 611 Milwaukee 
     Gruetzmacher Herbert lab res 611 Milwaukee 
°    G Gruetzmacher Josephine bkpr 313 Main res 505 N 2nd 
      Grnetzmaeher Sophie (wid William) res 505 N 2nd 
     'Gruetzmacher William lab res 000 4th 
     GRUETZM&CHER WILLIAM            F postmaster prop The=- 
       Fair 3 13 Main res 208 Emerald 
     Grunert Henry res 1503 Center 
(i   Grunert Louis farmer res 828 West 
     GUETZL&FF BROS (Charles and William Guetzlaff!_:z 
        mason contrs-812 Berlin av                             V 
, Guetzlaff Charles (Guetzlaff Bros) res 812 Berlin av 
     Guetzlaff Christine (wid Christopher) res 3 10 Green 
     Guetzlaff Emma Miss res 325 W Spaulding                iq- 
     Guetzlaff Emma Miss res 756 Berlin av                    C 
   6 Guetzlaff Ferdinand lab res W Spaulding 
     Guetzlaff Fred lab res 325 W Spaulding 
     Guetzlaff Fred jr tailor res 914 Berlin av 
     Guetzlafl Henry mason res 1500 Oconowamoc av           co 
     GUETZLAFF JOHN saloon and stabling 110 N 3rd res 
    Guetzlaff John F elk 106 W Main res 914 Berlin av 
    Guetzlaff John W elk clk 301 Main res Town Emmet           C 
    Guetzlaff Lizzie Miss res 756 Berlin av 
    u Guetzlaff Mathilda (wid Herman) res 756 Berlin av 
  It Guetzlaff Olga Miss res 225 W Spaulding                CL 
     Guetzlaff William (Guetzlaff Bros) res 812 Berlin av       :* 
   w Guetzlaff William shotmkr res 756 Berlin av 
   A. Guetzlaff William mason res 914 Berlin av               * 
   o Guse Andrew res #314 Cleveland                         -0 
12   Guse Henry A saloon 201 Market res same 
   Guse Theodore B Andrew Gamm mgr grocer and saloon 119 N      *.n 
 i '    3rd st res same                                   w   , 
 -4  Guse Walter H clk 302 Main res 201 Market              --j 
 4W oGutzdorf Anna Miss res 119 Kansas 
     Gutzdorf William lab res 119 Kansas                  a rn 
                                 217 Main St.  xo6 3rd St. 
                 WI      [      WAkTRTOWN, WIS. 

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