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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: G],   pp. 64-71 PDF (2.4 MB)

Page 66

                               CAVNIEPIPE, ENGINE 
     wOu BIEFELD i       O.!IfiuTREES 
                             AN 0 BOILER TRIMMINGS 
                             2M-   t, NWalrSf, Wafedmrhm, V 
     GES         WATERTOWN]   66  [DiRECToRY.       GF, 
     Gescbke Carl elk res 301 6th 
   C Geschke Dora milliner res 122 College 
   Gshke Richard hardware 115 2nd res 301 6th 
     Gessel George bill poster res Washington Hotel 
     Gessert John (Pitzner & Gessert) res 112 N Water 
     GeversAJbert sexton Oak Hill cemetery res 1530 German    z 
     Gevers Albert C asst bkpr AmericanýMalting Co res ,5M0 Ger- 
   o    man 
baj Gevers Anna Miss res 1530 German 
     Gevers Paul (Kehr & Gevers) res 510 Market 
   * Giblin Mary Miss teacher res 300 Warren 
A    Giblin Paul res g00 Warren 
     Giblin Sarah Miss res 200 Warren 
     Giese Louis res 419 10th                           c(J 
Giese Max lab res 690 Milford 
     Gilbert Clarence baggageman C N W Ry res 1405 Prospect     2 
r~'  Gilles August res 2 10 N 9th 
     Gillis Henry painter res 318 N Monroe 
     Gillis William H lab res 327 N Warren 
    Glaser Arthur barber res 104 Jones 
     Glaser Grover (Robinson & Glaser) res 104 Jones             r 
PW Glaser Gustav street commissioner res 516 W Cady 
     Glaser John mason res 104 Jones              " 
   Glaser Percy A student res 516 W Cady                 V% 
     Glasow Carl mason res 672 Milford                     CD 
     Glatzel Charles cigarmkr res 213 1st                o -0 
     GlausJoseph printer res 214 N 1st                     32. 
     GLOBE MILLING CO THE W D Sproesser pres; P C, - 
        Quentmeyer v-pres; H Mulbtrger see-treas; 311 Water (see.9 
        right side lines)                                        _ 
     Gloede Rosie domestic 214 4th 
  Gloedy Laura domestic 702 6th 
Y Z. Gloger Gustav assessor res 408 N Water              1 Ci 
     Gloger Gustav E v-pres Beurhaus-Gloger Co res 318 Green  T 
   1 Glumm Gustav lab res 513 N Church 
  J  Gnatzig Edward res 749 N Church 
ZI   Gnewuch Clemence brass finisher res 501 9th 
  0:< Gnewuch Hattie (wid. William) res 501 9th            -0 
  ;) . Gnewuch Henry res 92NClark                                 n 
  V  Gnewuch Hilda Miss res 501 9th                              = 
4    Gnewuch Paulina domestic res 718 Market                 4 ""
ym Z Goecke Ernst F clk Ira L Henry Co res 409 Hancock          - = 
   < Goecke Fredericke (wid Henry) res 409 Hancock       0. rW 
             WEGL  NN WEEOftu Aoo 
                                FUR COATS 
                                gi1t Main St. xi6 3rd St. 
        WE[AN 1&RL[81WATVERTOWN, Wis. 

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