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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: D],   pp. 55-58 PDF (1.2 MB)

Page 56

     If You Went to Buy or Sell a Lot. ilouse or Farm. Go to 
           EIAR F VEMNTtIE LAWYER at 
       1N                   116 MAIN STREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS, 
S    DEM          WATERTOWN]    56  [DIRECTORY.        DOE 0 I, 
   m Demenske"Peter Sr res 510'W Madison .. -r 
   i Dempsey Christopher res 600 West                        u, 0. 
     Dennis Brother res Univ of the Sacred Heart                i 
     Dent Robert see treas The EdwardJBrandt-DentCores 311 2nd ?i': 
   * Deubel August lab res 420 Church                      0-41 
C- Z Deubel Emma Miss 420 Church                             le. 
     Dieckhoff Ferdinand lab res 213 Bonners 
   - Diekoff Henry L saloon 414 Main res same 
   12 DIEKOFF WILLIAM        R saloon 106 N 1st res same 
     Dierskmcier Amelia Miss res 811 Division                  x 
   - Dierskmeier Frederick carp res 811 Division                  : 
   C= Dieter Arthur W (Dieter & Ullrich) res 205 Western av    P1 
C=   Dieter Christine (wid William) res 205 Western av       _=_ 
     Dieter & Ullrich (A W Dieter M Ullrich) laundry 114 2nd 
C    Dillon James res 209 Warren 
     Dillon Kate Miss res 209 Warren 
     Dillon Nellie Miss res 209 Warren                     A " 
     Dingman Stephen foreman cutting room Ira L Henry Co res 
' 206 W Main                                                -- 
     Dippel Conrad notary public res 132 North av            __ 
  Disper Annie Miss res 236 W Spaulding 
C     FDisper Joseph shoes 507 N 4th res 236 W Spaulding 
     Ditschler Edward elk res 602 Division                   t--. 
SDitschler Elsie Miss res 602 Division 
     Ditschler Jacob collr Watertown Gas Co res 602 Division   - 
o    Dittmann Emma Miss res 907 N 4th                             = 
     Dittmann Ferdinand cigarmkr res 704 N 4th                 = 
  *  Dittmann Gustav elk res 907 N 4th 
     Dittmann Minnie (wid Christ) res 907 N 4th 
     Dittmann William barkpr res 218 Emerald 
┬žI.  Dobbratz Edna student res 115 N 4th 
   ,i Dobbratz Frederich mason res 313 3d 
 W,.. Dobbratz Herman saloon 303 Main res same              M j 
 9 Dobbratz Herman C photo 115 Main res 412 Labaree          9 5 4 
   - Dobbratz Minnie dressmkr 913 N 4th res same 
   j Dobbratz Theodore painter 115-117 N 4th res same              - 
     Dobbratz Wilhelmine (wid William) res 918 N 4th 
   cm Dobler John J milk dlr res 900 Richards av                 , 
   _ Dobrick Ernst lab res 1313 3d 
   . Dobrick Fredrick res 1313 3d                              0 
   m Dodd Charles lab res 319 N 2nd                            z 
m Dodd James E lab res 319 N 2nd 
      Doeppke Carl res 208 William 
      KADING & KADING                 -        ----      S 

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