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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Watertown directory: B],   pp. 39-51 PDF (3.7 MB)

Page 48

                                 COLLCTSACCOUNTS AND DOES A 
                               GENERAL LAW BUSINESS and SELLS 
                               EREAL ESTATE 
                               IWATE RTOWN, WISCONSIN 
     BRA          WATERTOWN]    48  [DIRECTORY.        BRO 
z    Braunschweig Fred lab res 1406 3d 
     Braunschweig August lab res 1406 3d 
     Braunschweig Louis lab res 1406 3d 
     Breckenridge George F farmer res 1496 Breckenridge 
:! Breckenridge Herbert farmer res 1096 Breckenridge 
     Breckenridge Mary Miss res 1096 Breckenridge 
     Bredow Alhert C res 600 Division 
     Brehmer Julia domestic 505 Clyman 
I    Breinfalk Andrew res 712 Division 
L"   Bremer Frank barber res 214 N 1st 
1'0 Bremer Hattie laundress res 306 B Water 
    Bremer Laura laundress res 306 E Water                    - 
Or   Bremer William lab res 806 E Water 
     Brendel Irwin elk 209 Main res 506 Division 
   g Brennan Margaret Miss res 409 N Church 
   t Brennecke Dora teacher res 507 3d 
I    Brenneck Johanna (wid Gustav) res 806 
C=   Brennecke Katherine (wid Henry) res 507 3d                - 
   " Brennecke Martha Miss res 507 3d 
G    Brennecke Robert H (Brennecke & Bergmann) res 813 Western av 
      Brennecke & Bergmann (Robert H Brennecke Henry F Berg- e 
   "    mann) druggists 315 Main 
   _ Brent Grace stenog res 413 4th 
   - Breunig Frank res210 N 6th 
   . Breuni Henry foreman res 613 N 2nd 
3 Breunig Jacob lab res 210 N 6th 
   c- Breunig Marie Miss res 210 N 6th 
     Brier Emma (wid Henry) res 414 W Green 
     Briesemeister Ernst welldriller 614 N 4th res same        0 
Co   Brockhaus Frederick res 626 Milford                          0 
L"   Brockmann Helen elk res 1020 Main 
     Brockmann John C res 1020 Main                             I 
  ,  Brockmann Paulina dressmkr res 1020 Main                    . 
     Broennimann Arnold E engnr res 306 N 5th 
Broennimann Leonard student res 306 N 5th                   0  p 
     Broetzmann August janitor N W Univerity res 614 11th      C, 
     Brooks Elizabeth Miss res 309 N Montgomery                (D 
 Brooks Marie Miss res 309 N Montgomery 
     BROOKS THOMAS gen mdse and undertaker 220 W G                 o 
uu       Main res 302 N Washington 
     Brown Alvah (White Elm Nursery) res 905 Clark             0 o 
     Brown Elizabeth (wid Ivan) res 106 Dodge                      q 
     Brown Ernie lab res 106 Dodge 
                       If    AND PROSECUTE AND DEFEND SUITS IN ALL 
                                    COURTS OF THE STATE 
                             WATERTOWN. - -      WISCONSIN 

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