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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

Watertown directory: miscellaneous directory,   pp. 11-36 PDF (5.8 MB)

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Gamin August Crockery & Glassware Co.-Incorp. 1902; 
   $10.000; August Ganim pres.; Fred. Gamm v-pres.; John 
   G. Gamin see-treas.; 400 Main. 
Globe Milling Co.-The Inc. 1884; capital $30,000; W. D. 
    Sproesser pres.; P. C. Quentmeyer v-pres.; H. Mulberger 
    sec-treas.; 321 Water. 
Gorder William Co.-Incorp. 1898; capital $30,000 Win. 
    Gorder pres.; Dr. A. H. Hartwig v-pres.; Henry Gorder 
    sec-treas.; 606-608 Main. 
Henry Ira L. Co.-Incorporated 1901; capital $30,000; Ira 
   L. Henry pres.; F. J. Henry v-pres.; E. A. Pratt sec-treas.; 
   mnfrs. paper boxes n. s. Elm opp. Union. 
Jahnke Creamery Co.-Incorp. 1899; capital $27.000; L. F. 
   Jahnke, pres.; A. F.Jabnkc v-pres.; L. J. Kohlhoffsee-treas.; 
   101. Western Ave. 
Kusel D. & F. Co.-Incorp 1897; capital $50.000; Daniel H. 
    Kusel pres-treas.; Fred Kusel v pres.; Louis Kusel sec.; 
    106-112 W. Main. 
Lewis G. B. Co. The-Inc. 1890; capital $100,000; George B. 
    Lewis pres-treas. mgr.; Mrs. L. L. Parks sec.; 303 Water. 
 Murphy J. B. Co. The-Inc. 1903; capital $15.000; J. B. Mur- 
    phy see-treas; J. Podolske see.; A. E. Schebsdat supt.;, 
    118-120 W. Main. 
Oak Hill Cemetary Assen. Incorp. no capital stock D. H 
    Kusel pres.; J. T. Moak see. W. F. Voss treas. P. C. Quent- 
    meyer supt. 116 W. Main. 
 San Juan Land Co.-Incorp. 1904; capital $250.000; E. W. 
    Schultz pres.; H. Schwarke 1st v-pres.; F. B. Fargo 2d 
    A. H. Wegemann see.; Henry Uehling treas.; 9 Main. 
 Schempf Bros Co.-Incorp. 1896; capital $50.000; L, Schempf, 
    pres.; J. Schempf v.pres.; E. L. Schempf sec-treas; 209, 
    211 Main. 
 Sproesser W. D. Co.-Incorp. 1897; capital $15.000; Win, 
    Sproesser pres.; Charles Schiebel v-pres-; Minnie Sproesser 
    sec-treas.; 213 Main. 
 Toussaint J. J. & Son Co.-Incorp. 1903; capital $25,000; W. 
    J. Toussaint, pres.; L. J. Toussaint, v-pres.; H. J. Tous- 
    saint, see. and treas.; 8 Main. 
 Watertown City Mutual Fire Ins. Co.-Chas. Fischer, pres.; 
    M. Fitzgerald, v-pres,; Julius Strehlow, see.; J. B. Murphy, 
    treas.; 209 Market. 

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