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Sneath, Thomas S. / A directory of the city of Stoughton, and the villages of Edgerton, Milton and Milton Junction

Milton Junction,   pp. [122]-126 ff.

Page 125

Milton Lodge, No. r61, F. andA. f.-Peter Trainor, W.
M.; G. B. Markey, S. W.; William Morgan, J. W.; D. Wil-
liams, Treasurer; J. E. Coakley, Secretary; C. D. Merri-
field, S. D.; Stewart Hazard, J. D.
Du Lac Grange, No. 72, P. of .-Organized March
7, 1863. Members, Ioo. C. W. Cornwall, Master; J. G.
Carr, Overseer; L. E. Bond, Chaplain; J. Almony, Secre-
tary; Robert Stockman, Treasurer; Miss Clara Smith, Lec-
turer; Mrs. C. W. Cornwall, Ceres; Mrs. S C. Carr, Flora;
Mrs. Betsey Stockman, Pomona; Miss Rebecca Stockman,
Lady Assistant. Meetings on second and fourth Saturdays
of each month, at the Grange Hall, Milton Junction.
Farmers' Mercantile Association.-The Association is an
outgrowth of the Grange, and was founded for the purpose
of affording fairer facilities for the purchase of the necessa-
ries-of life. The first step toward gaining this object was
the formation of a co-operative society, which was incorpo-
rated in 1877, but after a year's experiment it was decided
to change it to a joint stock company, and the Association
was incorporated as such in 1878. The present officers are:
S. C. Carr, President; James Dennet, Vice President; L. T.
Rogers, Secretary; M. Hazard, Treasurer; Lucius Bing-
ham, S: C. Carr, James Dennet, L. T. Rogers, M. Hazard,
Alex. Paul, John Stockman, Robert Stockman, George
Mackey, Directors. There are about twenty members who
hold certificates of stock. Annual electibn, 2d Tuesday in
Ladies' Golden Star Institute of Temperance.-This so-
ciety, though organized primarily in the ;nterests of tem-
perance, -has a much broader field of usefulness, and is
really a social science club, seeking to obtain and diffuse
knowledge concerning all the important subjects of life.
Members contribute papers on various questions which
arise, and these papers are filed for reference. The society
has the beginning of a well-selected library, and the list of*
members is steadily augmenting. The first originators of
the formation of the institute were Mrs. R. J. Greenman,
Miss Maggie Mouit, and Mrs. M. Hazard. The club was
organized in June, 1878, with 18 members. The first offi-
cers were: Mrs. R. J. Greenman, Matron; Mrs. Sarah
Hinckley, Right Matron; Mrs. M. Hazard, Left Matron;
Mrs. Kate Button, Treasurer; Miss Viola Brandt, Secre-
tary; Miss Maggie Mouit, Corresponding Secretary. The

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