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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 3 ([unpublished])

Downieville Fork[?] of the North Yuba California / November 7th 1851 PDF (4.8 MB)

It is the one I have made most use of and has been with me in all my
wanderings. Holy Bible book _____, precious treasure than art mines.
You will not ____ I hope to be informed that my ____ happeniness is connected
____, that I have more satisfaction in _____ myself to ________________
prossibly have in contriving for myself. I still seek to God and to Know
______ my cause.
Nov. 25th  I am this evening at our _____ little _____ one mile east of
Down__ville. I want to close and send off this letter as I may
not for a few weeks have an opportunity or writing.
Early on this morning I srat for the nationaly quartz mine
where we have bought a share as I have mentioned on the other
side. The machinery has arrived and I have to be there
with the other shareholders to settle up and start the works.
I expect to be gone two or three weeks.
Need I tell you how anxiously I look for letters from my
ever dear home. I hope almost against hope; and keep
thinking when the day comes for then delivery ______ I shall
get one this week. Their absence keeps me silent much
longer than I wish to be; For I assure you writing to you
always gives me great pleasure. Who thinks of and
values home so much as the absent? __________________
the case with the wanderers in California. Here am I among
almost entire strangers. I hardly ever see a person I
have known before. I have been ___ down this evening
and amongst other things bought a pocket handkercheif
as I had not brought on down with me. Now thought
I if I could had __ to ______ to be hemmed! But alas it
must be used as it is. That's the way here.
 I send you a view of Down________ looking east. I believe it
is a good and correct representation especially of the hills and
trees adn also of the villages as far as it goes but every week sees it
enlarged adn improved. You would hardly suppose from
the picture it is much of a place. Nor is it large. But the little
there is, is all life and vigor. It is all nerve! The amount of business
transacted in a week is ___________. The population this summer

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