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Dinsdale, Matthew / Papers, 1836-1897
Call Number, Wis MSS DL, folder 3 ([unpublished])

North Yuba California 8 June 1851 PDF (3.1 MB)

with me in it. It is fixed so that we have a chimney to it and fire place
I conclude you would be wishful to learn somthing of my whereabouts and doings
and I have endeavored at suitable intervals to keep you informed. It seemed
to me the best
couse to do this would be thro' the States and with this object in view I
have written
several letters to Wisconsin and in some of them have expressly enjoined
the duty of
writing to you, that you might learn something of me. I judge however that
to the date of your letter no tidings had reached you through this medium.
am strongly of hte opinion that I wrote to Edward from Central America and
the letter either to John or ________. Neglecting to write to the members
of our family
can hardly be laid to me with propriety, many a happy hour I have spent
in this way. Should I not write to you all at one time or inadvertantly
overlook a name I want you to bear in mind that you are so bl_nded
in my thoughts that I constantly think I address you all. What of the great
_____________________ of May last? Was Edw. or Elizth present? I felt anxious
to be there. But had to submit to absence. There is a representation of the
building at Dow_______! I have read much about the subject in the papers.
You see all kinds of evil reports about California in the papers of the
day, perhaps one half ___time. I have been as safe here as ever I was in
indeed I have never been afraid here; there I was. I am without arms of any
adn cannot if I would, lock up at nights. Frequently we are all away, from
our dwellings by the day, and at a distance of six or seven miles. But have
sustained any injury as yet.
You do well to put my name in full in directing my letters, and in a
plain hand. I recognized the writing of the last. It is ____ Eleazar Chapman's
Is she coming to the United States?
I am now amongst beautiful flowers, sweet birds, lofty trees as well as lovely
_____, towering mountains, and bright skies. These are my companions and
I try to learn something from them every day. "They help me on to
About the time we came up here my attention was called to a couple of slate
colored birds of small size. They were always cheerful and appeared exceedingly
happy, one of them expecially would give forth most melodious notes, and
flutter and hop about in extacies. By and bye I diecovered their nest on
the bank
of the river, most ingeniously _____ and placed. I formed after a while they
had young ones, but I guess not more than tow. And now they were unweaned
gathering and conveying food. Such dilligence I have seldom witnessed
anywhere. And th_nk you had they not satisfaction, as they beheld the youngsters
______ and grow. I will not say what their thoughts were, or how much joy
they anticipated in the future. But often have I _______ the whole family
to myself
when the oldest one should make its first effort to sustian itself, and I
wished to witness the scene. Alas for earthly things whether ______ by bird
or man.
One morning lately on of our men found a little one, but grown, on the edge
a pool just under it home dead. Its' first _____ at flying had been a failure,
and all was lost. I ahve moralised on this subject and thought how many
families hare here represented!
We have now charming weather, mercury at noon about 86 in the shade. Brilliant
atmosphere, clean sky, and fine air. Sitll if this not home there is but
satisfaction. California has charms but nearly every one is wishful to "be
again. You can have but little idea of the anxiety felt and manifested for
for letters. Almost all ____ their love, and manifest that they are still
men by looking and praying for letters. I have heard a man say at a time
when he had but little money that he would gladly give 25 dollars to have
letter from home. In writing I _____ you all, always to bear in mind
that I am but one and you have many. And besides you have much
more leisure than I have, or have had for years. Only think when I come
home after a hard days work I have a loaf to bake or a shirt or two
to wash at the same time I feel tfitter fot ___ bet than anywhere
else! THis is the poetry of life! Favor me with long letters and
I cannot mention the names of my friends but desire my love to
them all. Your affectionate son + brother M.

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