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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 3

Linden 9th October 1849 PDF (4.5 MB)

I think John likes the Country very well so far. I feel
very anxious to see him settled and well fixed, but some
time will probably transpire before this can take place.
_______ he had much easier here than with you, but
when obtained there is much to be done, before there
can be ease and comfort. I must try to give you
some notion of the movements of the others before I
say anything of myself. You are aware that Dorothy
and her husband moved into the state of Iowa sometime
last winter. During the summer, I think in July, they came
over on a visit, and remained two or three weeks. I took
Doroty and her babe back Thomas had gone a few
days previous. It is about a days  travel from the Head of
Platte; but crossing the Mississippi is somewhat tedious
and occupies about an hour. They live eight miles from
the river in a south easterly direction, about nine miles
from _______. The situation is pleasant I think,/a
deep and narrow valley/ and quite healthy. Thomas has
done very well at digging since he went. You will probably
be a little surprised to learn what John has commenced
to dig for mineral. As there was an opening for him
to work with Alderson he thought he would try it
for a short time. He went for a few weeks, and
returned to take his family over. He was at Chapmans
the other day when I was up, but I suppose they are
in Iowa by this time. You will soon hear from
them I presume. I give you on the other side Thomas
Aldersons address.

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