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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

English Prairie 10th Oct 1844 [Transcription],   pp. [1]-12 PDF (12.1 MB)

Page 10

excellant kind, as I was given to understand the potatoes in America were
not good. I do not know that I ever saw finer or eat better, and they are
a good crop. Those I brought with me will be useful as they have no early
sort Tell my Uncle and Aunt Thompson I am obliged to them for the kind present
I received at their House. I hope they are both bet-ter than when I left.
Peter has a few Tobacco plants growing near his cabin. I have often thought
I would like to treat my Grandmother with a few leaves, but this pleasure
is denied me. Remember me to Mr Brim-stead and tell him if all is well I
shall send him a letter as soon as I have anything worth communicating. I
must get acquainted with Method-ism as it is found in this country. Tell
Thomas Lawson of W Burton and my friend George Metcalfe of Marcett that I
shall not forget them. Tell George I hope our [i]ntercourse will be renewed
in Heaven if we should not meet again on Earth. He must remember me to his
Father and Mother Sister and Brother and also to Mrs Mason.
Yesterday the Watchman containing the Stations of the Preachers reached me
it had laid at Solon, two miles from here, about a week. You may judge how
much I value anything that comes from Askrigg when I tell you that I intend
to preserve the cover that was round it. I think James Robinson has directed
it. And one of my Sister has put upon it my own name. Remember me to James
and tell him [I] have the seeds in very nice order. This being [a] newsettlement
the people are quite behind with gardens orchards.
I have just read over my feeble effort to describe the falls of Niagara.
You must pardon my folly for making the attempt. This task is infinitely
beyond my powers. And I am ashamed of what I have written. I have this morning
been talking to a person of the name of Holder-ness who is well acquainted
with old Mr Holton of Pattrick Brampton.

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