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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

English Prairie 10th Oct 1844 [Transcription],   pp. [1]-12 PDF (12.1 MB)

Page 9

is going to Chicago, a distance of fifty miles, and I am going with him.
We start tomorrow (this is Monday the 14th) I shall post this let-ter there.
Peters live in a log house. But I can assure you I eat as heartily and relish
my food as well, and Kas sound and find it to be as refreshing as if I were
in a palace. Thanks be to God.
I hope my next will abound more in particulars. Please to take to Mrs Brougham
three vols of "Prideax connection". You will find them
in the Book
case. I am very sorry I did not return them before I left home but I had
quite forgot. Remember me Kindly to her. I am obliged to her for the loan
of them. Give my Love to all my relations and friends as if I mentioned them
by name. My Grandfathers and Grandmother and all the rest. My Uncle and Aunt
Barritt etc and tell me when you write how they all are. Ann, Dorothy, and
Elizabeth had better learn to spin yarn, and it would be a great advantage
if they could cut out Coats vests and panta-loons, not to work for other
people (as I do not yet know if it is of advantage to do so) but for ourselves.
Many Women in this country card and spin and weave all the clothing the house
requires and they also cut and make it up. Tell Mr and Mrs Walker I expect
to write again before they will start and I hope to be ablt to give them
information I can-not at present. Arthur Thompson would do as well in almost
any part of this country. I cannot say yet how [it] would answer for Matthew
and Edward but I have little doubt but they would find America to answer
better for them than Askrigg. I shall however bear them in mind. And I have
not forgot Eden, but she will wait patiently a short time longer. In the
Newspapers I saw at N York and as I came along there were many advertisements
for Milliners and Dressmakers etc.
Peters' are taking up their Potatoes, I have been helping them. I am very
glad to be able to inform you that they have in this part an

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