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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

English Prairie 10th Oct 1844 [Transcription],   pp. [1]-12 PDF (12.1 MB)

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round as we had to proceed up Huron lake and down Michigan, as you will perceive
if you can get to look at a map of North America, at Mackinac between Huron
and Michigan there had been a short time before I was there four thousand
Indians, Men, Women and Children to receive pay in goods for such a number
of years. The indians were quite in their element and made speeches expressive
of their pleasure in having the white man for their friend. They are a very
indolent, and when not ill used very harmless race ofpeople. I would quite
as soon sleep in the wigwam of a Red man as in the House of a white. But
I shall probably not even see one as they are about as seldom in the neighbourhood
as they are in England. I left Southport the following day and reached Peter's
dwelling about 9 o clock in the evening. The distance is about 25 miles.
The land for the first half of the way is chiefly prairie and has a rich
park like appearance. The rest has a good deal of timber upon it tho' it
is by no means close and would be easily cleared. The timber along the whole
way and all about here is oak. I paid from Lancaster to Liverpool 20/ Liverpool
to N York 3.10.0  N Y Albany to Buffalo along the Erie Canal between 3 and
4 hundred miles 2/2 dollars for myself and nearly 3 for my luggage. From
Buffalo to Southport about 1000 miles for myself 7 dollars and one for my
luggage. And then I had to purchase provisions from N York, but I had them
very cheap, as I got them at the Stores as I came along. If I had boarded
with the boats I should have been a great deal out. But I saw all along the
necessity of being economical.
Perhaps any opinions expressed by me now respecting this country would be
considered premature, I may however say that I have not yet been disappointed.
I have found it to be much as I expected to find it. Of course Land that
has remained for ages without being cultivated

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