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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

English Prairie 10th Oct 1844 [Transcription],   pp. [1]-12 PDF (12.1 MB)

Page 4

sent my luggage forward in the boat, as I had entered at Albany to go there)
and went by railway about twenty miles to Niagara to see the Falls. There
was nothing particular to see in going along: this part of the country appears
to have been recently entered upon there being much timbered land, and to
the right there was the most extensive forest I have yet seen, being bounded
only by the horizon. I took it from its situation to be a part of Canada.
I left Lockport about noon on Tuesday the first of October and reached Niagara
in two hours. The first sight I had of the far famed falls was from the railway
carriage, at a distance of perhaps two miles. I had not a view of the face
of the falls, but merely a Kind of side glance. But even this imperfect and
first sight prepossessed me in its favour. Just below us at a great depth
the sullen river moved along as if it desired to have another [illegible]
tumble over the rocks it had just left or rather perhaps I should have said
appearing as if it wished to return and chastise the King of cataracts for
the little ceremony he had used, and for the wantof sympathy. The lofty banks
of the river were rich in rocks and timber. We reached the village of Niagara
where there are four or five large and respectable Hotels, and went immediately
to the falls. I musttell you that a young man was with us who had come up
in the same boat, a native of the State of Ohio, who had been to the falls
3 or 4 months before but had not seen enough of them. You had better reach
out the "Youth's Instructor" which has in it an engraving
of the
"Falls". Look to the left hand. Just at the verge of the
there, upon the top, within an inch or two of the precipice I stood and looked
around, above and below. I heard the deafening roar of the water, and saw
the boiling foam below. This was the first part I visited. I then went down
a winding staircase to the bottom between the two falls. I may here remark
that the space is much greater between the falls than the engraving shows.

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