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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

English Prairie 10th Oct 1844 [Transcription],   pp. [1]-12 PDF (12.1 MB)

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English Prairie  10th Oct 1844
My Dear Mother
I think you will be glad to find that I am able to date this letter at the
place I set out for.  Thro' the goodness of God I have reached here at last
in perfect safety, without any accident, or un-usually unpleasant occurance,
and upon the whole I have had a very pleas-ant voyage.  The weather has been
very favourable through the whole route. I have met with as kind treatment
as I expected, and I have no doubt but my health has been improved.  I do
not know that I was ever better than I am at the present time.  I reached
this settlement last night about nine O clock and met with a Kind reception.
 Peter went from home yesterday but is expected to return this evening and
I have reason to believe that he will be glad to see me and assist me all
he can.  I sent you a letter from New York which I hope you would recieve
in due time.  I remained there rather longer than I intended, but I found
that I was only one hours sail from where John Woodward lives, so I thought
I would pay him a visit, and I did so and remained there three days. I found
him in good health, working hard, and probably better off than he would have
been had he remained in England. He rents a small farm for which I think
he pays 2 Dollars and acre.  He has a few cattle, hogs and sheep and two
horses etc. With the latter he works about amongst his neighbours and I should
think makes pretty well out. His wife was very Kind to me, she is older than
he is. They have not family. I might have enjoyed my stay in New York had
I had a friend there to go about with me, but as I had not, and being obliged
to wander about by myself, I was very glad when I had to leave it.  I was
part of the time I remained there at a Boarding House, the other and part
of the time at a Mr Simpson's whose wife is a native of West Burton. He Kindly
took care of my luggage and allowed me to sleep in his house. Mrs Simpson
was in the Country, or I should probably have found a temporary home. He
would have shown me round the city but business

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