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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

[Transcribed journal entries],   pp. [1]-13 PDF (10.5 MB)

Page 13

from morning till night.  And indeed has always had too much work on his
hands.  Besides you have all heard thro' me, about them and this they know
and perhaps practice upon.
Last Saturday the 29th of Nov. I mailed a paper (the Western Christian Advocate)
for Edward and one for Mr. Barrett.  Tell George Metcalfe I am expecting
a letter from him and expect it to be both large and full.
December 4th  Evening 1/2 past 6 o'Clock.  This has been a beauti-ful day.
 All the forenoon I was writing.  In the afternoon I walked out three or
four miles.  The Lake (Winnebago which I told you about in a former letter)
was frozen over last night tho it is not yet so strong as to bear a man,
but if the frost should continue for a day or two people will travel upon
it.  Often did I think when looking at it (for it was always in motion and
very often greatly agitated) is it possible that winter will have power to
still you, but it is so, he has bound it with a coat of ice so that it cannot
stir.  I feel as tho it was angry at its confinement, but it is obliged to
submit, for the present, its keeper is strong and he has well secured it.
I have wrote this at different times and under various circum-stances.  Sometimes
favorable for writing, at other times not so.  There are many defects, and
faults, but I thought you would rather hear from me in this way than not
at all.
[Written crosswise over back page:]
Will you tell me about John.  Where is he living and what is he doing?  I
hope he will give himself to God and live to him.  My Mother will not forget
to write to me.  I love at all times to hear from her.  I pray for her at
all times, that God may sustain her.  We must cast all our care upon him,
would we be comfortable and happy.

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