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Dinsdale, Matthew / Matthew Dinsdale papers, 1836-1897: Folder 1

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Indians had to make.  I was very much interested with this interview between
the government and the Indians.  I became better acquainted with the mode
of dealing of one and the character and state of the other.  Imagine to yourself
a temporary house made of boards nailed to posts with a roof of the same
kind, dimensions about 18 feet by 22.  In the centre was a stove  In one
corner against the only window sits at a table covered with paper etc. the
Agent and his Secretary, beneath the table stood several kegs filled with
money (silver) facing the stove forming a half circle sat the chiefs on the
floor cross legged in turns smoking, talking, andlaughing behind them stood
or sat other Ind-ians as lookers on.  Along with others who felt some interest
in "Indian affairs" you might have seen yourhumble servant
in Western as well as Eastern fashion upon a mat spread over bed clothes,
listening, looking, and thinking.  The head chief appears to be about 45
years old, he is a little below the middle size, spare of flesh, but with
a good frame and is evidently an active man.  He appears to be a good and
fluent speaker.  He always looks grave thoughtful, I do not remem-ber to
have seen a smile play over his broad and strong featured face.  The Indians'
dress as to the fashion of it is similar to that of the Scotch soldier the
material being different, the upper garment is generally made of printed
callico the lower of buck skin, and a blanket is always worn over all.  In
the article of dress I discovered no difference between the chiefs and others.
 Some wear ornaments on ther head's and person's but they are not distinctive
of rank.  But frequently of wealth, for an Indian--if he is vain--and who
is not?  will carry all his treasure on his body.  Some of the women wear
very expensive and highly ornamen-ted apparel.  I took the pains to go thro
this temporary town which I

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