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Town of Day, 101 years

The town of Day,   pp. 11-42

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0       50       100 K.
Wisconsin Population by Counties, 1836
_______ 4.
0      25     50    M.
o        0       100 K
%             1                                                            1870
Wisconsin Population by Counties 1840        1
the Little Eau Pleine, and the logs were floated down to
Dancy where they entered the Wisconsin River.
Once the land was cleared of the best timber, a few
lumberjacks remained to take up the land, sometimes
buying it directly from the lumber company for about the
same price as the lumber company had paid originally,
and sometimes from the state. Thus Campbelltown was
The earliest settlement in the town of Day was
Campbelltown. There were only a few families; the Sam
Campbell family, and his brother Henry and their family,
Michael Rozell, his wife, and their nine sons and
daughters, and the GeorgeBeach family. They settled in
an area about a mile north, and a mile west of the present
site of Rozellville. By this time the Homestead Act had
been passed in 1862. This provided land for settlers at
prices ranging from $1.00 to$1.25per acre. Although this
was intended to make it possible for settlers to buy and
settle government land, the land still fell into the hands of
speculators, lumbermen, and those prospecting for
minerals. Part of the purchase agreement was that the
settler had to live on the land for a period of three years,
0   2S  0  M.
i I  I  1  -1
0   so   100 K.m

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