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Murwin, Chester (ed.) / The crimson


Laurean Society
HELEN SMITH       -   -   -     -    President
SIGNE ADOLPHSON ..              -    Vice President
RUTH M'INTOSJ        -  -   -   -    Secretary
ESTHER NELSON       -   .   .   .     Treasurer
The Laurean Literary Society was organized by the girls of the
two upper classes in 1914, under the leadership of Miss Brunner. Im-
mediately it seemed to meet a long-felt want, and its work was appreci-
ated both by the student body and the Faculty. The work of the group
has of course varied in nature and scope from year to year, but this
variety has added to its interest. The results have always been worth
while. Besides material of a strictly literary nature, the Programs have
included musical numbers, and even laughter-provoking stunts for,
since: "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men"
why not the Laurean girls? Some very entertaining and money making
plays have been given by the society, and usually an annual banquet
is held, but this year a party was substituted, and as much enjoyed.
In every way the Laurean has been a credit to the school. It should
be kept as an integral part of the school life. As a social organization,
it increases the enthusiasm of school spirit, and as a literary group it
tends to broaden the education of its members. Each new class in its
turn has taken up the work in a creditable manner, and every girl gradu-
ate of E.-H. S. is grateful for the many benefits she received from the
society. All members of Laurean 1920 hope that the work of the society
will be continued and enlarged in the future.

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