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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 121

Covering Rural Wisconsin EffectivelyI
       W. E. Browning, who established this weekly May 6, 1920, edited it
for only one year. His successor, E. Wiesner, stayed only a year and the
third editor, R. Fairbrother, continued for two years. Then the present
editor, !4. M. Keller, took charge. This paper is owned by a stock company
of Shawano county farmers.
                             SHALWANUO COUNTY JOURNAL
Circulation, 2640                                                   Thursday
       This weekly newspaper was founded immediately after the Civil War,
1857. Its editors during this period have been George Rockwell, Byron
McCord, C. M. Upham, Joe Rogers, Dave Gorhnrn, Stove Perry, Frank Perry and
Howard Sharp and M4. R. Stanley, present editor.
                                      B W
SHEBOYGAN, 30,955                                                  SHEBOYGAN
       Known as "The Chair City", Sheboygan is the hone of severvl
furniture manufacturing plants.   Excelsior and enamel ware are also rmde
this city. Sheboygan has five rural routes.
                               SHEBOYGAN HERALD
       Mrs. Otto Gaffron is the editor of this paper. It is published in
the Plymouth Review office,
                                      B W
SHEBOYGAN FALLS, 2002                                              SEEBOYGLN
       The Brickner Woolen Mills and Jenkins machine Company are the most
important concerns of the city. Wagons and wood furniture are also manu-
factured in this Sheboygan county town. It is an agricultural and dairy
center. Shebovgan Falls has four rural routes.
                             SHEBOYGAN COUNTY NEWS
Circulation, 1,000       Is it sworn? No.                            Thursday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 35j. Classified, per line 104.
        Lgency commission, 15%. Cash discount, none.
Mechanicr'l requirements - width of column, 2-1/8". Depth of column,
        inches, Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones,
        Use Mats? Yes.
        W. C. Thomas founded this paper in 1876. It remained in the Thomas
 family till 1925 when the Perry Brothers purcha sod it.

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