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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Plymouth, 3482,   pp. 106-107 PDF (442.9 KB)

Portage, 5,582,   p. 107 PDF (213.4 KB)

Port Washington, 3340,   pp. 107-108 PDF (445.6 KB)

Page 107

|Covering Rural Wisconsin Effj                                          
 Fl 17
                                PLYMIOUTHI REPORTER
Circulation, 2700                                                       Friday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 35g. Classified, per line, 10ยข.
      commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 193-
      Columns to page, 6. Body type, 8 pt. Screen of halftones, 100 line.
      Use Mats? No.
      This weekly was established in 1872. The present editors, George A.
Moormann & Sons, assumed control in 1995.
                                       B W
                                PLYMOUTH REVIEW
Circulation                                                         Wednesday
      This weekly was established in 1895 and is now published by Mrs. Otto
                                       B W
PORTAGE, 5,582                                                        COLUMBIA
      Dairy products leads in this Columbia county community. Allied with
this industry are corn, hogs, cattle and hay. Portage has seven rurcl routes.
                           WISCONSIN STATE REGISTER
Circulation, 2500                                                     Thursday
       Early editors of this weekly were IA. J. Turner, Sam Braunan, John
 Clark and S. S. Rockwood. The present editor is A, A., Porter.
                                       B W
 PORT WASHINGTON, 3340                                                  OZUKEE
       Several canning factories are located here and great quantities of
 dairy products and fish are shipped to the market.    Badger raincoat products
 are manufactured here, The J. E. Gilson Company manufactures garden tools,
 and the Wisconsin Chair Company and National School Equipment Company manu-
 facture chairs, phonographs, school desks and etc. Bolents garden tractors
 are manufnctured in this Ozaukee county town.    Port Woshington has two

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