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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Mt. Horeb, 1360,   pp. 91-92 PDF (469.5 KB)

Mukwonago, 697,   p. 92 PDF (229.1 KB)

Page 92

Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively
                                11T. HOREB TIMES
Circulation, 800        Is it sworn? Yes.                            Tuesday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 20$. Classified, per line 5$. Agency
       commission, 151/.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems.   Depth of column, 20
       Columns to page, 7. Body type, 10 pt. Screen of halftones, 100.
       Use Mats? No.
Advertising representative - American Press Association
       The ancestor of this weekly was founded by Edward Breen in 1879. It
was known as the Blue Mound News but later was changed to the At. Horeb News.
Breen sold the paper to Pat Kenney in 1883 and soon after it was sold to
H. G.
Elliot and J. N. Dahlen. Clarence Bennett then merged it with the Black Earth
Advertiser and later G. G. Mandt added the Dane County Sun. In 1892 the
Mt. Horeb Progress was consolidated with the Sun and a year later the tit.
Times was formed by J. N. Dahlen and J. N. Risjoid as a result of the last
merger. Dahlen published the paper for thirty consecutive years and then
to the present owner, F. S. Zintz.
                                MT. HOREB MAIL
Circulation                                                           Friday
       A. C. krohn is the editor of this Dane county newspaper.
                                       B W
MUKWONAGO, 697                                                      WAUKESHA
       This Waukesha county town is a shipping point for pure bred livestock
that goes all over the country. Especially famous are the Guernseys and
Holsteins of this territory. Stra wberries and orchards are also worthy of
notice, Mukwonago has four rural routes.
                                 MUKWONAGO CHIEF
Circulation                                                           Friday
       This Waukesha county paper was established in 1899. John Pinzl recently
sold to James L. Small.

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