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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Page 73

[Covering Rural Wisconsin EffectivelyI
        George Stoffregen recently moved the Doorfield News plant to this
and is publishing the paper under the title of Lake xMills-Deerfield News.
       Nels Holman founded the News September 22, 1899 and ho served as edi-
tor for 19 years. Then came L. P. Joppa who was active for five years more.
Lfter this time George Stoffregcn took over the editorship and published
paper at Deerfield until January 1926 when he moved the paper to Lake Mills.
                                       B W
LAN4CASTER, 2485                                                       GRSNT
       Creameries and canning factories mean much to this Grant county city,
and they also indicate that it lies in a rich agricultural district. Noted
for its fine water system, Lancaster can draw 550 gallons a minute of pure
water from an overflowing spring. Its new high school building was recently
completed at a cost of :175,000 and a new civic center cost the community
$130,000. This city is one of the "largest livestock shipping points
on the
Northwestern Railroad", according to Editor I.. L. Shorran.   "The
city is
beautiful, clean, free from slums and it has neat stores and modern build-
ings" further states Sherman, one of Lancaster's boosters.    Lancaster
eight rurcl routes.
                              GRANJT COUNTY 1ERALD
Circulation, 2300         Is it sworn? Yes.                       Wednesday
Advertising rates - displahv, per inch(2/ per word).   Classified, per inch
       45X handset - 35/ electros.   Agency commission         . Cash dis-
       count 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of coluxm.n, 22
       Columns to page, 7. Body type, 8 rt. Screen of halftones, 80.
       Established in February, 1843, The Herald has not missed an issue
since that early period and it now ranks among the three oldest papers in
the state. L. 0. Shrader was the first editor. Subsequent editors have been:
"m. Proctor, James Goodhue, John C. Cover, Jos. Cover, Edward Pollock,
Captain Farquharson, Wanber Chandler, James Mliner, C. R. Harper, Clyde Sho-
wvlter, Harlan Johnson, B. L. Lowrey and i. L. Sherman.
                                      B W
LLONL, 1600                                                           FOREST
       Lumbering is the chiefest asset of this Forest county town.    About
250 men are employed the year around in connection with the largest hard-
wood sawmill in Wisconsin. This plant makes flooring, shingles, rough and
dressed lumber,

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