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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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  Covering Rural Wisconsin Effec t                                      
                             LliDYSMITH NEWS BUDGET
Circulation, 2057         Is it sworn? Yes                          Thursday
Advertising Rates - display, per inch 30g. Classified, per line 5/.
       Agency commission, 15%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20 inches.
       Columns to page, 7.  Body type, 8 pt.   Screen of halftones, 120.
       Use Mats? Yes.
Advertising Representatives - American Press Association
       Founded in 1895 by F. E. ,aunroc, the Ladysmith News and Budget were
consolidated by L. L. Hadden in 1907.   Mark R. Bell purchased the weekly
from Mr. Hadden in 1911. Today Mark P. Bell serves as managing editor,
I.. I.. Mooney as city editor, and DIM. 0. Emmons as farm editor. It has
creditted with being the first weekly paper in Northern Wisconsin to estab-
lish a farm department with full time farm editor in charge.
                              RUJSK COUNTY JOURN4AL
Circulation, 1920                                      Wednesday & Satruday
       April, 1900 was the first birthday of this weekly. The first edi-
tor was D. H. Richards, who served to 1908. Phil S. Reed was than on the
dec'- for two years; he was followed by D. W. Maloney, who published the
Journal until May, 1920. G. C. Maloney was editor for four months and then
P. 7pr Richardson served until March 1, 1922. He was followed by the pre-
sent editor, E. W. Richardson.
                                     B W
LA FARCE  798                                                         VERNON
       Situated in the scenic Kickapoo valley, and having an abundance of
pure water and a groat supply of grasses, this entire community makes an
excellent field for the dairy industry. Consequently, dairying headed by
cheese production assumes first place in this Vernon County town. Hard
wood lumber, swine and tobacco also are shipped from La Farge. La Farge
has three rural routes.
                             LA F!,RGE ENTERPRISE
Circulation, 550                                                    Thursday
       The Enterprise started with W. J. Robinson as editor and owner.
The present editor, J. E. Rockhill, served under him as an apprentice.
Owners of the Enterprise since 1898 have been W. J. Robinson, 1898-1900;
B. R. Moyle, 1900-05; Fetty and Rockhill, 1905-08; Percy S. SDnford, 1908-12;
Morton Perkins, 191'-21, and J. E. Pockhill, 1921 to the present time.

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