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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Hudson, 3014,   pp. 63-64 PDF (458.7 KB)

Humbird, 400,   p. 64 PDF (220.4 KB)

Hurley, 3188,   pp. 64-65 PDF (461.2 KB)

Page 64

  Coverint Rural Wlisconsi4 Effectively
       Founded in 1854, little is known of this weekly as the early records
were destroyed by a fire in 1870. For nine years after the fire H. A. Taylor
& Company edited the weekly and then Taylor & Price took charge and
until 1899. B. J. Price vas at the helm until 1910 and A. E. Roese served
until 1912. Van Meter Welch Printing Company edited it to 1915, John Shaw
to 1917 and Percy Ap Roberts since that time.
                                   -  B W-
HUMBIRD, 400                                                         CLARK
       Agriculture is first in importance at Humbird.
                              HU1flBTRD EPN'TERPRISE
Circulation, 426                                                  Saturday
       G. H. Horral founded this weukly October 15, 1904, and served until
April 1, 1909. Taking charge at that time, E. T. Hnle has been editor ever
                                       B W
HURLEY, 3188                                                          IRON
       Of the chief industries of this community, iron ore mining takes
first place. Dairying is rapidly coming to the fore. Much lumber is cut
in this Iron county community.
                               IRON COUNTY NEWS
Circulation, 900                                                  Saturday
Advertising rates - display, per inch 25/.    Classified, per line 5/.
       Agency commission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20
       inches.  Columns to page, 6.   Body typo, 8 pt.    Use MCats? No.
       F. A. Enunson, the present editor, bought the business and the sub-
scription list of the La Nostra Terra, meaning "Our Land", on September
1913. The name was changed to the present form and since that time the
paper has been published in English. This Hurley weekly was established in
J~nuary, 1903, as the Iron County Republican and was changed in 1907 to
the Italian paper.
                                      B W

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