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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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Hortonville, 960,   p. 63 PDF (242.2 KB)

Hudson, 3014,   pp. 63-64 PDF (458.7 KB)

Page 63

fC overing Rural Wisconsin Effectively ]                               63
       Several prpers had been established in Horicon priLr to the found-
ing of THE REPORTER. They were THE ARGUS and 1HE GAZETTE. During 1880 or
1881,7THE REPORTER was founded.   Little is known of its etrly editors.
They included J. Ed. Sawyer, W. D. Powell and Eugene Chase. The latter
two owned the weekly in 1897. Chase sold his interest to A. A. Washburn
in 1899. Washburn continued as editor until 1919 when tho paper was sold
to IH. E. Roate, the present editor.  It was during Chase's regime that
Powell sold his interest.
                                     B W
"TORTONVILLE, 960                                               OUTAGAIMIE
       Hortonville is in the heart of a rich farming arni dairying country.
                             HORTONVILLE REVII E
Circulation, 625           Is it sworn? Yes.                     Thursday
Advertising rates - displry, per inch 15¢. Classi2ied, per inch 20¢.
       Agency co7mmission, 1553. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical requirexmnts - width of colurn, 13 ens.   Depth of column, 20
       inches.  Colurns to pago, 6.   Body type, 10 pt.  Screen of hnlftones,
       80. Use jMats? Yes.
Advertising Representative - Axeric;.n Press association
       Established in 1889, the REVIEW,7 is today edited I-y J. t. licughton
and Iirs. iAlice Haughton.
                                     B 1W
HUDSON, 3014                                                    ST. CROIX
       In this St. Crcix town railroad shops are located.   They are l-!ong
the town's most vcluable asset.   i.gricultire in the rural dtstricts is,
course, important to the town. Local fari.:ers spocinlize, to a large extent,
in dairying.
                            HUDSON STAR-CBSERVER
Circulation, 1100                                                TISUIXS
advertising rates - display, per inch 2C¢. Classified, per inch 25/.
       Agency commission, l5,. Cash discount, 2,/.
.'echnicr 1 requirements - width of colurmn, 13 ems.  Depth of column, 20
       inches.  Columns to page, 6.   Body type, 8 pt.  Screen oi halftones,
       85 to 100 lines. Use Maots? No

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