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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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ICovering Rural 'isconsin Effectively
       The Reporter was established by Stanl,.y Carpenter in December, 1893.
Succeeding editors have be.n E. L. Howe, Irvin Nash, Stanley Carpenter, Mr.
Harman, R. A. Ellingcr, and I. G. Lytle, the present editor. Mr. Lytle has
edited the Reporter since May, 1918.
                                       B VI
GREE1E700D, 716
       Flour, and saw mills, canvas, glove, shoe, stave and heading, canning
cheese and cheese box factories and creaieries ae all important in the Green-
wood community.
                               CRE1:I'OOD GLEANER
Circulation, 1100
       This Clark county newspaper was established in 1891.     Its present
is ' m. F. Neuenfeldt.
                                       B W
HALiLi0ND, 368
       Three allied industries command equal attention in ->his St. Croix
county town. They arc: dairying, pure bred livestock andi the growing of
                                 HAMMOND TE ZS
Circulation, 500
Is it sworn? Yes.
Advert sing rates - diejlay, per inch 15(.    Classified, per line 5X.
iiechanical requirements - idth of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 20 inchcs.
       Columns to paje, 6.   Body type, 10 pt.
       This St. Croix county weekly was establishud in 1895.     Its 9rosont
editor is F. E. Hartwig.
                                       B  1=7
       Farming is rE ponsib1e for Hancock's grLtatness.  An agricultural
branch experiment station of the Univeisity of Wisconsin is located here.
                                 HANCOCK NED.'S
Circulation, 1200                                                       FRIDAY
       Founded in 1894, this 'Vaushara county weekly is today conducted by
R. 1.

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