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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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ICovering Ruralrlisconsin Effectively
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems.     Depth of column, 20
       Columns to page, 6.  Body type, 10 and 8 pt.    Use M.ats? No.
       The editor of the HeraLd is '. F. rhillips.
GRANT251URG, 781
       Dairying is most important in the territory around Grantsburg.   
factories, an excelsior mill, and a leatner wearing apparel factory are located
in the town. Alfalfa is a leading crop in the territory surrounding Grantsburg,
and Burnett county has the largest county in the state.
                         GnNTS;3UJRG JOW' :AL & SENTINEL
Circulation, 1390
Is it sworn? Yes.
Thur sday
Advertising rates - Display, per inch i0}.   Cias ified, per line 5g.
       Agency Commission, 15j.
Mechanicul require.oemnts - width of column, 13 ems.
       Columns to paLe, 6. Bodiy type, 8 on lu pt.
       Use Mats! No.
Depth of column, 193 inches.
Screen of Halftones, 100.
      This Burnett county weekly is the result of the merger of the Sentinel,
founded in 1875, and tne Journal established in 1895. Ed. L. Peet founded
Journal to 1904. F. 1. Huth, the present editor, succeeded him. The two week-
lies were united in 1910.  Mr. Huth is known as dean of Burnett county journal-
                                      B It
       Noted far an-i wide for tnc beautiful lake bearing the city's name,
Badger town attracts visitors fram all parts of thu statc throughout the
summeer.  A small knitting factory is located here.
                              GRLEN LAKE HEOIRTER
C irculat ion
Is it swuorn? Yes
Advertising rates - display, per inch >5;.     Local A6, per line 7*'.
Agc ;cy
       commission, 15'/. Cash (discount, ,k.
M'ecnanical reqriremel-,ts - wid th of column, IJ c.s. Depth of column, 2u
       ouLumns Lo !)ao e, 6.  Body tyic, JO pt.  Use 1!Aatsc No.

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