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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Fennimore, 1383,   pp. 50-51 PDF (467.6 KB)

Florence, 1768,   p. 51 PDF (243.5 KB)

Fort Atkinson, 6000,   pp. 51-52 PDF (507.5 KB)

Page 51

    Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectivoly| y
                                   nENNIMOR2k TIMES
 Circulation, 4600      Is it sworn!                                 Wiednesday
 Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 45g.    Classified, per word ig.
       Agency cozmmisoion, 15%.  Cash discount, 2%..
 Mechanical requiroments - Width of column, 13 ems. Depth of column, 19?
      Columns to page 6. Body type, 7. Screen of halftonks, 60 -to 80 lilnus.
      Use Miats? Autocaster.
 Advertising representativo - American Press Association, Ncw York City.
         L. Howe founded the TIkES in 1889 and he scrvod as editor until
 Then H. E. Roethe assumed chargo and continued as hoad until 1L10, at w;\ich
 time his brother, E. J. Roothe, joinud him.
                                         B W
 FLORENCE, 1768                                                       FLO'd27vCE
      This Fluroece county scat town is located in an orc mining district
 ore is the chief product of the community. Howuver, farining is coming to
 the fore.  Milk producod on local farms is handled by a Florence Crcamcry.
 Some maple syrup is also exported.   It has a saw mill and logging is c;'
 on to some extunt.
                                FLORENCE :ssINING N2j'7S
Circulation, 800      Is it sworn? No.                               Saturdy
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25g.    Classified, por lint 3g.
      Agoncy coamission, 15%.    Cash discount, 2%..
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 ems.    Dopth of column, 20
     Columns to page, 6. Body typo, 8 pt. Usc Mats? No.
     In 1880 G. M. Atkinson established this paper and udited it for oie
For six years, Chase S. Osborn served as editor.    From 1887 to 1915, Gccrge
C. Youngs was editor.   From th,. latter date to thil prcscnt time Chase
0. YuunLs,
has directed this weekly.
FORT ATKINSON, 6000                                                  JEFFERSON
     This is a thriving place of 6,000 people, with paved strects and fivc
concrete roads leading out to distant cities. It i3 located in the hcart
Wisconsin's richest dairy section.      It is on beautiful Rock Riv r only
miles from Lake Koshkonong, noted for its hunting and fishing and its histcric

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