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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

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lCovering Rural Wrisconsin Effoctivelyl
DELAVAN, 3016                                                       'JALWORTH
     About 5,000 summer rosidonts como to Delavan Lake. The city's biggost
industry is the Bradley .1nitting Company.  A business approaching the
$e6,000,000 mark entitles it to t'lis distinction.  This is the of
Advanced Registry office of thc National Holstiin-Fricsian association. The
State School for the deaf is located here. Dairying predominatos in tnis
                              DELAVAN ENTERRISE
Circulation, 1410        Io it sworn? Yes.                          Thursday
Advcrtising Rates - Display, per inch 35g.     Classified, por line 50.
     Agency comaission, 15%.  Cash discount, 2%h. 7.cading notice, 10O a
Mechanical requirements - width of column, 13 L-is. Depth of column, 21!
     inches.  Columns to page, 7.   Body typo, 8 pt.
     Charles R. and Edgar 1!. Consable ustablislicd the EAYI7- ".I2E
in 1884.
Succeeding editors were: Hiram T. Sharp, Grant D. Hariin -,.I, i'rank ..i.
Stevens, E. J. Scott, 11. A. Dean,''. T. Passagc and H. S. Saylor.   The
has been editor since 1915.
                                      B W
                              DELAVAN REPUBLICAN
Circulation, 2200                                                   Thursday
     In 1863, this lalworth county newspaper was started.   Today it is
published by hMaurice Morrissoy.
                                      B W
DEN>ARK, 735                                                         
     Dairying heads tho list at Denmark.   First place in importance roes
the Pet Milk Company, manufacturors of condensed milk goods.
                                 DENMARK PRESS
Circulation, 765          Is it sworn7 YeB.                         Thursday
Advertising Ratus - Display, per inch 20g.    Classified, per inch 20J.
     Agency co.imission, 15%. Cash discount, 2%.
Mechanical ruquiromcnts - width of column, 13 cms.   Dcpth of column, 19
      inches.  Columns to page, 7.   Body typu, 8 pt.  Scroen of hlalftonos,
Advertising ropruscntativc - Amnrican ,'ross Association.
     This Brown fIou:ny wc;kly was ostablished in 1913.   II-.s ,ru:cnt editor
is Jos. R. Sairan.
, !,, i

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