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Covering rural Wisconsin effectively

Black River Falls, 2000,   p. 22 PDF (251.5 KB)

Blair, 657,   p. 22 PDF (251.5 KB)

Page 22

Covering Rural Wisconsin Effectively                                    22
BLACK RIVER FALLS, 2000                                             JACKSON
     Industries of this Jackson county community include, large box factory,
sash and door factory and planing mill, tobacco warehouses and sorting rooms,
flour mills and machine shops. The eastern section produces immense quanti-
ties of wild blueberries and there are several wall developed cranberry
marshes. Dairying is the bedrock on which the prosperous farming community
rests. There are eight creameries and several cheese factories and numerous
fine herds of pure bred Guornsey, Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, Ayrshiro
and Red Poll cattle.
                             BADGER STATE BANNER
Circulation, 1000                                                  THURSDAY
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 20$     Classified, per inch, 5$ per
     line.    Agency Cormission, 15%     Cash discount_
Mechanical Requirements - Width of Column 13 ems.   Depth of column, 24
      inches.  Columns to page, 8.  Body Type, 8 pt.  Screen of Halftones
                  . Use Mats - No.
Advertising Representati-,es                    Address_
     Before the Civil War, in 1856, this Jackson county weekly was estab-
lished. Its present editor is George F. Cooper, who has been on the paper
as publisher for 51j years, at first going in with his fathur, Frank Cooper,
and attaining complete succession 37 years ago.
                  " '-~~~ - B W uw- a_
BLAIR, 657                                                      TREMPEALEAU
     Blair is a farming community.  While dairying ranks first as tho in-
dustry of the locality, tobacco follows it as a close second.
                                 BLAIR PRESS
Circulation, 1130       Is it sworn, Yes!                          Thursday
Advertising Rates - Display, per inch 25$     Classified, pet inch 35$
     Agency Commission, 15%.   Cash discount, 2%.  Screen of Halftones 80.
     Use Mats, No,
Advertising Representatives                     Address_
     H. C, Kirkpatrick edits this Trempealeau county paper that was founded
back in 1897.
                                      B W
'/ t
__ _ =EE

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