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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

Appendix B : Staff job descriptions,   pp. 49-51 ff.

Page 49

The functions to be performed by conservation staff members are described below. While there would be
only one Community Conservation Officer, Rehabilitation Advisor, and Community Organization Supervisor,
the number of persons in other positions may vary according to the size of the conservation area and the number
of projects undertaken at one time.
The Community Conservation Officer administers a comprehensive, city-wide program for the restora-
tion of selected areas to a long term, sound condition as well as the prevention of the spread of blight into ex-
isting sound areas. He trains and directs a staff of employees engaged in such functions as organizing citizen
participation, facilitating financing of home repairs, public relations and informational programs and the pro-
viding of technical guidance and assistance in the fiscal, architectural, and social problems of urban develop-
ment areas. He assists the Director of the Department of City Development in planning and policy making to
determine the urban development program. He develops methods, procedures, and standards for project objec-
tives and for the rehabilitation of structures. He is responsible for the selection of ethical contractors, approval
of contracts, and acceptability of completed work, maintenance of good public relations and the obtaining of
adequate financing. He participates in liaison with neighborhood councils and other citizens' groups and pre-
pares information for publication to explain and promote understanding of the program. He coordinates the acti-
vities of his division with the Department and other agencies such as the Federal Housing Administration, real
estate boards, civic organizations, and other municipal agencies to insure a smooth flowing and productive
operation. Occasionally he represents the Department of City Development at meetings and civic functions.
The Community Organization Supervisor plans, develops, and executes programs of community and
neighborhood organization as part of the total urban development program. He develops and maintains close
liaison with community councils, neighborhood citizens' groups, public and private agencies to promote citizen
participation and to integrate community activities with internal and external agency operations of the total
urban development program. He organizes, on a block-by-block as well as on a higher level basis, community
groups and he acts as liaison between them and other persons and agencies concerned with conservation and
rehabilitation. He evaluates reactions, data, and recommends social survey methods and procedures based on
the physical, civic, cultural, social or welfare needs of the area. He advises other agency officials on com -
munity organization matters, defines problems for presentation to agencies which can contribute to solutions.
He conducts educational campaigns, explains conservation standards, describes available rehabilitation aids,
promotes neighborhood projects such as clean up and beautification campaigns.

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