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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

V. Organization for renewal,   pp. 36-40

Page 40

In renewal programming, PERT can be used to determine what must be done in order to achieve renewal
project objectives on time. Phases of project planning that require revisions can be detected and the effects of
exchanges among or modifications in time, resources, and the technical performances of individuals can be
ascertained. One of the important advantages of PERT is that it provides a method of programming and inter-
relating project planning activities diagrammatically. Each completed task is depicted and its relationships to
others expressed, with time as the common denominator. Various activities of all individuals are pinpointed in
time and sequence, thereby facilitating inter- and intra-agency communication. Timely progress reports iden-
tify potential problem areas where action may be required.
PERT makes possible a simulation of the effects of alternate decisions under consideration and an oppor-
tunity to study their effects upon program deadlines, prior to implementation. PERT's nature is such that the
larger and more complex the project, the greater will be the benefits of its use. It therefore shows considerable
potential application to the city's renewal programming where the activities of many projects and agencies must
be coordinated and expeditiously administered. Its implementation does not necessitate any changes in agency
organization or policy.

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