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Milwaukee's community renewal program: Urban renewal techniques
(May 1964)

III. Conservation,   pp. 7-21

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Advisory Services. To encourage owners to rehabilitate their properties, the city will provide the fol-
lowing advisory services whose goal is to make the owner's upgrading his house as convenient as possible:
1.  Community Organization Assistance.
The Department of City Development will establish open channelsof communication between
residents and the municipal government. It will develop educational and informational pro-
grams to keep residents informed of current plans so that the demoralizing effects of doubt
and rumor can be reduced.
Where neighborhood councils exist, the Department will work with the members to strengthen
citizen interest and leadership. Technical advice will be given so that the groups can en-
courage "grass roots" participation through block clubs. The Department will also guide the
citizens in promoting special projects to benefit the people and the conservation program.
Where there are no active neighborhood councils, the Department should work with area
residents to form block groups which can later band together to form such a council.
2.  Architectural Advice.
If professional architectural advice is made available to property owners, the owners will
be encouraged to make improvements. The advice will include ways of remodeling their
homes and selecting suitable building materials. The plan is for an architect to make recom-
mendations and preliminary sketches for individual property owners. Types of houses will be
identified so that some standardized architectural treatment can be developed for each
house type. Improvements which affect health and safety will be encouraged before other
repairs or remodeling when work must be programmed over a period of time. The architect's
suggestions will be made on the basis of what is needed and what the owner has in mind.
The recommendations and sketches will be provided free of charge to the owner and the
Department of City Development will help the owner obtain working drawings where nec-
essary. In addition to persuading owners to follow the architect's suggestions, the Depart-
ment will advise owners and check on the work being done to be sure it is in accord with
3.  Financial Advice.
Because physical improvements involve a considerable financial outlay which some pro-

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